The Mirror Is Not Your Friend (Bodybuilding Progression)

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Yesterday, while hanging out in the Facebook community, I brought up a topic that truly can make a difference between being happy with your progression results, or just being down right sad and unhappy about it. What I spoke about was a concept. The concept that…

The mirror is your enemy!

You see, an addiction to constantly looking into a mirror to check your daily/weekly progress will cloud your vision to determine if you are truly growing in size… or not.


Well for the simple reason that you see yourself every single day.

Picture these two scenarios

#1 Think about when you are in a relationship with someone

  1. You get together.
  2. Have a uber fantastic 3 month honeymoon period.
  3. It wears off a little.
  4. You start noticing that persons bad habits.
  5. You get used to each others company… a little too much.
  6. You give each other space.
  7. You come back and everything is refreshed.
  8. You view that person in a new perspective.

#2 Think about when you go overseas on vacation

  1. You go away
  2. Experience life in new surroundings
  3. You come back home
  4. Things look a bit different.
  5. You start noticing things that you didn’t notice before because you were in those surroundings day-in-day out.
  6. You see things in a new perspective

Both scenarios relate to the concept that the mirror is your enemy when it comes to gauging your physical progress in bodybuilding. Because like the scenarios above, starring at something for too long will put a strain on your visual progress, because you are not allowing yourself to breathe. Suffocationg your vision as such. Now, I’m not an eye sight specialist of any kind, but I’m quite sure there are plently of examples and theories out there that back this up based on similar scenarios.

Any how… what’s the solution?

The solution is simple

Get some feedback from those who don’t see you too often. If they say you’ve grown… YOU’VE GROWN. If they say you’ve shrunk… YOU’VE SHRUNK!

Because the fact of the matter is, their vision/perception of you ‘before’ will be fixed in their memory. If you some how look different from that past vision, they will be the first to notice.

So instead of watching the mirror 24/7 to see how your body is changing, stay away from it. Go undercover and hibernate by wearing non revealing clothes. After a month or so, strip! Do it in front of others too. And no, I don’t mean to say you should show off. Just wear more revealing clothes. The reactions you get from those within your network will let you know if you’ve made progress or not.

Of course, not everyone out there has friends 😐

If so, just take before and after pictures and compare them. Just make sure there is at least a 4 week time period in between your shots.

Now, the mirror isn’t all bad, as you will obviously notice the small changes every other week. The only bad thing about that, is that you won’t get those big ‘Wow… I’ve progressed!’ moments. Those moments are vital for self made inspiration, which then leads uber amounts of motivation, which of course helps you to achieve the goals you set. Heck, you’ll probably smash your goal setting targets if the motivational drive is really strong.

The other positive about using a mirror is when weight loss is concerned. The mirror is actually your friend when you are trying to lose weight. The enemy here is the scales.


Because with weight loss, the scales tend not to change much, even though you actually are changing with your physical appearance. Looking down at a scale that doesn’t change (sometime for months) can be a HUGE de-motivator. This can sometimes have devastating effects. It varies from person to person. With that being the case, it would be a good idea to use a mirror instead of a scale to track your physical progress. In fact use both. At least that way you can understand how your body works, which is actually a part of the tweak and repeat concept.

After all is said and done, I hope you can now see how and why the mirror is your enemy when it comes to tracking your visual progress. So do yourself a favour and stop being so vain. ‘Addicted starrer’ 😉

It really is killing your BIG motivational moments. And we already know that motivation doesn’t last. So again, quit it with the starring already.

Do you stare at the mirror 24/7/365?

Do you get demotivated because of a lack of visual progress?

See you in the comments.

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