The Mindset Mantra Of The Gym Grunts (Screamers)

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Don’t know what a gym grunt is?

Well, take a look at the image above. A gym grunt is someone who makes the facial expressions and noise just like the guy in the picture. The main difference is that gym grunts feel the need to go to the next level and put that image above into overdrive, by letting the entire gym know that they are… well… grunting!

But why? Why do they do this? Is it really needed? Is it really called for?

In all honestly… no, I don’t think it is. But today I’m going to break down some of the reasons why these grunters do what they do, along with some possible solutions, so that all of us fitness freaks can just all get along.

#1 They think they look cool

When in fact, they look like fools!

In fact, I’m going to say ”continue grunting fools”


Because it’s flipping hilarious!

They say 90% of communication is done with body language. But in this case, it’s the complete opposite. Gym grunters kind of remind of those kids in school that decide to start smoking because they think it makes them look cool. Well, I have news for you grunters. It doesn’t. Keep the noise down peeerleeease!!

If you want to look cool, just be yourself, make progress in your training and like magic, people will flock to you because you ‘inspire’ them. And because they ‘respect’ your hard work and dedication. And not because of your blasted screaming. If you want to scream, take up tennis for fitness fun and take yourself to Wimbledon! Plenty of screaming goes on there, and the crowd don’t seem to mind either.

#2 They want attention

Now, there are a few different scenarios that come under this category, but wanting attention is a key factor in the mind of a gym grunter.

– They have  muscles, but don’t ‘appear’ that they have… especially when fully clothed. Because they aren’t actually ‘that big’, yet. And they want to prove to the rest of the world that they really do have strength.

– They have muscles, but for some reason, they don’t feel they get the attention they deserve.

– Low self esteem! They wear shirts two sizes too small for them.

Those are the main reasons why gym grunters do what they do. But now it’s time to set some ground rules for grunters, because we have to at least try to make everyone get along.. right?

3 strikes and out!

If gym grunters reach this number of complaints, then they need to be punished. Revoke their gym membership!

Suggestion for grunters

Grunt when you actually need to. Like, in the last few reps

Suggestion for heavy lifters

OK, OK… I’m going to take the grunters side for just a moment and re-introduce the concept of training insane.

You see, I already know that in order to change your body you will have to give it a shock! Something I spoke about back in the shock body exercise series.

Now, once the weight gets really big, every rep can feel like the last set. Therefore, you can be excused for grunting every single time. If you are in this position, do yourself a favour and train in a gym where everyone who attends has that same goal to train insane

– Pushing themselves to the limit

– Getting the job DONE!

Once this happens, grunting, screaming, cursing, growling or whatever you want to call it will be second nature. In fact, it will be expected of you!

Here’s an example of this type of gym…

So if your goal is to really train insane, make sure you don’t train in a sterile gym, because if you do, you’re going to be accused and looked upon as a mindless gym grunter.

That’s enough from me about gym grunters. Just make sure you follow the above rules when grunting your lungs out. That way, we can all be happy. 🙂

See you in the comments.

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