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Becoming S-curvish

Evolution… Everything that we see in front of us, will evolve over time.

And in terms of ‘fitness’… It used to be a ‘thing’… Where you would start a program and be expected to

stick to that program only.

That still may be the case in some areas. But it certainly isn’t here.

Here… We are ‘open’ and we talk about everything. There’s no need to keep secrets about the things

you’re doing or wish to do in your life.

In regards to the workouts… You’re expected to be interested in activities outside of becoming


#1 You ‘might’ get bored of just working out (Happens less these days, due to the number of official

routines available).

#2 Some activities actually help you when it comes to progressing in the S-curve workouts.

Such as yoga. Which boosts flexibility > Increases your ability to do full range of motion exercises

‘consistently’ > Leads to better results. This is a part of the strength and exercise progression process.

You know… When I talk about not being able to get to 90-100% S-curvish without going through the set

stages over a 6-18 month period.

#3 The lifestyle phase… That’s where we have more fun. Especially when it comes to > Travel-curvish shenanigans.

That of course… Has non-workout activity all over it. Just visit all of the @fitbuzz social media profiles

via > More buzz to experience it all.

So… Expect to become addicted to the S-curve workout process. But don’t be afraid to say what other

activities you’re interested in. Because we usually integrate those into your results and lifestyle phases.

Current S-curve members…

It’s no secret that S-curve members are succeeding better than ever before in the past 10 months.

– The wave started > here
– That caused a lot of global Fitbuzzers to officially start @ fall season 2016
– Many of which created buttgress pics > like this @ Fitbuzzer Mik

But of course… That’s just the ‘physical’ wins. It’s the mental process fix, that’s causing this years long

term wins and the foundation of the new S-curve member stories.


With all of this long term activity… It’s natural to want to share what you’re doing with friends,

family and associates.

So the best place to send them, is to More buzz or this FB profile >

You’re an established member now. So before you send them there. Just remember what your mentality

was like before you decided to become an official member.

You was a little scared right? Or for whatever reason… You wasn’t ready. But once you started…

That was it. Your life changed.

I talk about this daily, to the many people I meet on a weekly basis.

Their main fear… Is thinking that they have to quit the things they like doing in their current lifestyle.

As S-curve members… You know that is not the case.

– You cheat snack instead of eating cheat meals or days
– You get to eat C-rated foods… Which taste better than A-rated (Unless it’s fruit)
– You get periods where you can go hard (results phase) or go easy (lifestyle phase)

So… You’ll probably be excited when you tell them about what you’re doing. So the best thing to do, is just

send them there. Don’t ‘talk’ about it.

There’s a LIVE chat function on every @fitbuzz website now. So they can ask questions there.

At which point… They can come back to you, about the answers they receive on certain topics, to confirm

that everything they’ve been told is true and real.
Reply to talk.
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