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Ya… It’s a ‘thing’. So let’s talk about that.

So… We have recently re-concluded. That all of what we do around here… STILL, starts with the S-curve.

The S-curve in #OOTD attire @nataliya_zibrova
The S-curve in #OOTD attire @nataliya_zibrova

You have that in place. All 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience, sync and together, to make YOUR life awesome.

And whenever a new S-curve member jumps onto the scene… There’s usually an aura of negativity around them.

This of course… Comes from everyone who is currently present in their lives. Through family, friends, work colleges and the like.

And it’s the incoming presence of positivity. That is the back bone of our existence here.

It’s a #TBT on this day. So let’s look back through a classic scenario of where this happened, within S-curve world.


The following two ladies were old friends, who were about to re-unite on this trip to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

I arrived at the airport with the first lady, meeting the 2nd lady on arrival.

To cut a long story short. It was a great trip of exploring. Which today… Looking back. We would call a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip @ away for 2-4 days.

Great experiences with people, usually cements the bond between you.

A few months later (August 2016).

The first lady decides to become an S-curve member, after a talk over lunch.

She had been failing on and off 2 years prior to that day.

Within 2-3 weeks… She experienced noticeable results.

And EVERYONE in her life noticed. Especially as they viewed her as the ‘fat girl’ (Not truly fat, of course).

Naturally… Every asked what she’s doing.

One of the people who asked, was the friend above (4 months after Hong Kong).

She found out I was the person responsible. And because of the connection that we made on the trip. It was easy for her to decide to become an S-curve member.


SHE also was surrounded by negativity.

In fact, her closest friends told her that she was wasting her time by becoming an S-curve member.

Possibly because her known eating out shenanigans.

But she wanted to start. Because she saw all of he new positivity, that was surrounding the 1st lady.

Two weeks later. This happened…

2 week progress to shred-curvish
2 week progress to shred-curvish

Even I was shocked.

She used the exact same S-curve formula as the 1st lady. Yet, the shred was quicker and more noticeable.

To fast forward

Both of them were paying members. And we used that money, to take a C2.0 trip, to celebrate. Especially since they were now 60% S-curvish or above.

And THAT… Is the goal for everyone that gets involved here.

To bring your people closer together via positive experiences.

Because it’s the back bone of a great S-curve Xperience.

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