The long term solution for your ADD problem

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Buzzers… The long term solution for your ADD problem.Yup… I said it in 2005. When the world was confused @ what the internet was doing to the world.

That was my student/’eBay business’ days. Even my tutors were confused. Especially since I was travelling around the world, more than they were.

But today… Here we are.

The internet is starting to reflect real offline life, more and more.

That’s what I said then. And when you look around. That’s what you can see @ the masses… Talking and acting… The way that they do offline.

Yes… There’s still that element of internet mystery going on. And some folks are still ‘keyboard warriors’.

But folks are used to seeing ‘internet’ stuff now. And any sign of scammy BS… Will kill all trust levels in an instant.

Fortunately for us… I’ve personally been connecting with all of you for years!

– Iris
– Monica
– Sharon
– Monique
– Zen

And way too many more (500-1000 more who became ‘close’) to mention.

New people are seeing these interactions on our social profiles. And tagging along because of it.

Especially since a lot of those names above… Are past members. Whose > progress pics or stories are in the photo albums.

So… Let’s make one thing clear…

Everything you see here. Is THE S-curve experience. It’s how WE choose to live life.

You’ll see the social media posts. This newsletter. And if you feel it… Then you ‘get it’. Tis OUR world.


Increase the injection dosage

Forget about becoming an S-curve member. I might even stop using that term soon. Because it’s more about becoming a part of (And embracing) the experience.

Because that’s what’s actually happening.

The ‘member part’ of it. Is just a part of the experience.

It looks like this @ experience…

#1 FB Messenger chat.

#2 > Become a member (Part of it)
#3 Follow your first ever LIVE member page update.
#4 Go about your business @ daily life.
#5 Read a daily (Or > premium) newsletter. At which point ‘something’ you read on this day… relates.
#6 You see some social media posts that relate to you.
#7 You wake up one morning… Feeling more motivated than usual.
#8 You direct message in Messenger, about what you’re feeling.
#9 You use examples from what you’ve been seeing in social.. And around your people.
#10 It could be something like ‘I was being a stubborn idiot with what was be taught to me, by you…
At the beginning. Can we get serious again with it now?’

And then… You get hit with another dose. Something like a tailored 2 month plan @ whatever that issue is.

And after those 2 months are up… It’s (improved) life as usual. And that cycle repeats (At least some variation of it).

It’s a big ol’ > Therapy session. More so today, than ever before.

What people say in those chats 

– I’m depressed
– I’m fat… But just wanted to choose the right person to work with
– Some other ‘feeling’

Somewhere down the line, over time… You’ll request help with something else.

It could be anything > S-curve experience related.

Like looking for more info about a TC2.0 trip > that was posted.

About a > supplement or something you’ve seem via our > Amazon page (All listed items outside of

‘What’s trending?’, have been personally used at some point over the past 9 years… Which is why they’ve ended up there).

To conclude 

If results is what you NEED. Understand… That you’re going to have to go long term. There’s no way around that.

But our job here… Is to guide you through that process. A process that has evolved, compared to how we used to do it 2-3 years ago.

Right now… It begins @

> Hallow-curvish
> Premium newsletter

Reply via Messenger.

FB messenger app:
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls


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