The Killer Supplement Mistake To Avoid

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Hello again Fitbuggers…

Ok, just a brief reminder for you about the ‘correct’ use of bodybuilding supplements, before I begin pouring out some ‘new’ fitness info from my head fit bug brain over the next few months.

Now, we all know that taking the right supplements at the right time on a consistent basis can indeed give some fantastic results ‘after’ consuming our natural food sources. But the fact is, Forgetting to take whatever supplements you include in your training and nutritional program is the number one way to waste your money AND kill your fitness and bodybuilding results, which I KNOW you would have spent months building up to achieve. Of course, there are some supplements that you will “feel” working right away. But if you don’t follow through and take them on a consistent basis (As most supplements will require that you do). Then you may end up wanting to give that supplement a bad name just because YOU were the mistake!

Don’t fake blame a good supplement

You see, back in this post, I talked about the reasons why you may be lacking in your muscle building efforts. However, I did embarrassingly forget the number 1 reason why you may not be achieving your desired results.

That article continued… #9 Consistency!

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I think sounding like a broken record is what’s needed in this world of fitness. That’s a key part of the motivation solution actually. It’s just that the record needs to be broken indifferent ways on a daily basis.

How to stay consistent with supplement intake

This is a no brainer, but just use technology. Smart phones, laptops. Just set up a daily planner and set alarms or text notifications beside the times that you need to take your supplements. Heck, I could do an entire post on the apps and software that can be used for that (In fact, I will). We’re all busy these days. But with the rise of technology, we can easily off set tasks to that technology to help our brains function smoothly.

Knowing which supplements to take

I have talked about supplements a lot on Fit Bug, and for the most part, the rules are still the same.

#1 the bodybuilding resources page

#2 The guide to necessary supplementation

But for a more recent update on the current state of the bodybuilding supplememnt industry, make sure you give this video a watch.

The truth about supplements <===

That’s enough supplement talk for now. But I’ll be back soon to expand on the topics that I’ve talked about in this post.

Bugs Out!

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