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Buzzers… Saturday…
It’s the weekend… And I’ve returned to my movie watching shenanigans again @ The Glass Castle to kick things off. And before the TV show season kicks off next week for fall season.
It’s newsletter time right now though. So let’s get into it…
About yesterday’s newsletter @ ‘high end’ stuff…

It’s all about transforming the way you think as a person.

We’ve been on this path for several years now. And we’ve been making those involved (YOU) … Make the switch.

– No unnecessary ‘quitting’ @ everything in your life
– No more ‘getting your body ready’ for events
– Making you push further in your professional career

However… Some people aren’t always ready for it though. At least not in the beginning stages.

Like I said yesterday… Some come in, from going through a previous shi**y experience/service/product.

So instead of turning ‘those who aren’t ready’ away…

As a higher level experience… We bring those people in closer. Comfort them and change them.

And after doing this for quite a few years now. I personally get ‘in your face’ when it’s required and call you out on your BS. Ha… So ya… Being behind a screen won’t protect ya.

But… Once we get over that hurdle. We have fun!

-‘Come up for air’
– > Travel-curvish 2.0

– Cheat snack shenanigans
‘Coming up for air’ is a lot more common than taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips though. As ‘travelling for fun’ isn’t always possible. Even for long weekends.

Also… How this plays out, will be different, based on what kind of job you have. Some examples from this past year =

– Works full time in a hospital
– Runs an online business
– Travels ‘on the road’ for work

Each of those 3 jobs, requires a slightly different approach, when tailoring a program.

As those are 3 different lifestyles.

#1 Is the easiest when it comes to creating a successful tailored plan. And would make Travel-curvish 2.0 trips easy @ > 25 trips in 6 months @ extreme # of trips.

Results would come easy too. Which they did… For those who have a schedule that’s similar to this.

#2 Working from home (More Coffee shop/Remote outdoor locations these days) is a gift and a curse. Because you save a ton of time @ no commuting to a place of ‘work’.

But being at home/alone more, can have a negative emotional impact on you. Like needing to ‘get out’ more. Which might lead to more 121 coaching chats. As working on ones own schedule, needs more discipline and daily motivation, to get up and ‘do sh**’.

#3 Requires less ‘come up for air’ moments. And is closer to living the S-curve experience, in the way that you’ve seen me describe it ‘in words’ (See conclusion below for a summary of it).

But… It can be more of a challenge to hit your physical goals. As you’re always on the move. Which usually   means it’s harder to focus on succeeding with the S-curve meal structure.

All of the above, is the reason why the main program first came into existence. Because this sh** is hard to do on your own!

And when you try to, you fail. And come running back home to S-curve world for a fix.

That behavior, is what we’ve been ‘eliminating from your life’ over the past several years. It’s not easy to change ‘adult’ people. But we’re getting it done.

The only time you should need to run back to something. Is on stage 4 (Via More buzz)… In terms of results and as an advanced member who has reached 80-100% S-curvish.


I have new conversations with FitBuzzers everyday. Online platforms… Offline platforms.

And the lifestyle that you see, in everything @ More buzz… Is something that no one says no to.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

To get as close to that as possible, is the goal for YOU! So… We continue.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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