The Importance Of Goal Setting When Working Out

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Setting workout goals

How often do you here these types of quotes from your peers?

‘ I’m so out of shape, I will lose weight and be real skinny someday’

‘ I hope I can build my body up one day, I am just so scrawny’

How often do you see these individuals succeed in their statements?
I probably know the answer, but I’ll let you answer that.

Then you may have peers that state quotes like,

‘ I’m so out of shape, I really need to get fit within the next 6 months for that wedding, I can’t have people seeing me look like this’

‘ Christmas was really good this year, but damn, I have put on some serious weight. I’m gonna be dancing at Rio carnival in 3 months time, this puppy fat has to go’

Now how often and how many of your peers do you know that follow that through? I’m guessing you know a lot that try and a few that succeed. (Sometimes continuously succeed)

The difference between both sets of individuals is that one was specific and detailed about what they wanted to achieve and set time limits in which to do so, while the other was vague, gave them self ‘an out’, and didn’t!

A goal without a time limit is no goal

The bottom line is that if you want to start achieving in your workouts, start setting time limits to achieve them by. Once a time limit is set, you have no choice but to take action and do what ever it takes for those actions to be translated into completed goals.

Questions I get asked all the time are,

‘ How long will it take till I get a 6 Pac’?
‘ How long until I lose weight’

If the human body were a processed computer with strict rules, those questions would have a valid answer. But we are not, and the answer is variable and dependable upon how hard you work and the energy you put in. And the answer to those questions would be,

‘What are your goals?’ and ‘Do you have a time limit to achieve them by?’

Setting goals and dates to complete them by

Realistically, the first few goals you set might fail; it could be due to reasons like,

– I didn’t eat right
– It was a half hearted attempt


It could be that you didn’t reach it because of self inflicted injury.


You might have nearly got there and done almost everything right, but still didn’t get there.



All of the things that you would have learned above would have taught you what did/ didn’t work, will allow you to analyze everything and lead to more frequent successful goal setting and achieving them when you do. All of it is failure, but it’s all necessary and for you to get into that process to start achieving.

If you do reach your work out goals, whether you are losing or gaining weight, and even before the time frame that you set, you will feel great!


Successful workout routine

You will feel great and on top of the world, and you will no doubt flaunt your body in front of any and everyone (rightfully so, you worked you’re a** off to get there). But don’t brag too much (unless you are the arrogant type that just knows they are better than everyone 😐 )

Be humble about it and focus on what you want to achieve next and be proud to boast about the failure aspect of the whole process (because we all know you faced hurdles and failed … right? 😉 )

We all know how difficult it can be to obtain optimum results when working out. But to give yourself a fighting chance in achieving them, start setting some goals already.

What goals have you set and how far did you get in achieving them?

See you in the comments.

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