The importance of being urgent on your quest for results

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Buzzers… Saturday… (Urgent). It was a strong #TGIF day for me yesterday. Which you would have seen via my FB stories, if you’re added or following on there. I would like this to be a TC2.0 weekend. But… It’s also a very strong and

active S-curve member season.

So… That will be the focus for the next 2 months… For ‘me’. Which you of course, benefit from.


That’s the vibe that’s going on, in the S-curve member arena right now.

That is…People are arriving. And instead of waiting around to ‘trust’. Or for some other BS reason.

They learn about what’s on offer. Start the damn thing. And as long as everything is good and sound. They push through and get it done.

Partners are doing this too. Like… ‘Hey… We’re a good fit to work together? Then let’s do this!’

#1 Yes… I do tell you to build up the ‘trust factor’ first.

#2 But… I also tell you not to wait around. Because you should not be wasting time @ living up the fun parts of the S-curve experience.

Now… The pace at which you work. Is not the concern here. You will indeed move at a Results Phase pace. Or a Lifestyle Phase pace.

It’s all about the pace at which you decide to start. ‘That’… Is what should be fast.

Our social proof grows every single day around the world. Online and offline (through me). As I am indeed meeting 1-5 new people, face to face, every single day.

People from all around the world. Who pass through this hub that I currently live in.

People that I meet In hotels and airports too. The social media details get shared. And connected we stay.
More member stuff/Blueprint tipsWe’ll have some tomorrow @ blueprint tips. And… Because it’s been a while. Since we’ve been helping new people to get started over this past week.

And in regards to getting started…

Right now… The 3 and 6 month prepaid options are trending.

The reasons why?

#1 Is because the trust levels overall, have increased in S-curve world.

#2 And… It’s easier to just get the payment stuff out of the way.

#3 Because some people don’t want to have to think about auto-payments. But absolutely want to be put through the proven process, which is the S-curve formula.

Going by past data @ member activity and results. 6 months is the time frame, where ‘success’  kicks in. Hence… Why the > 6 month prepaid option got an official newsletter link.

Pushing for the best results… Quicker

The noticeable results period. Happens during days 30-45.

– Wether you’re starting from zero activity.

– Or re-starting… After a period of being ‘broken’.

But after that… Sh*t just gets harder. Especially if you’re doing things on your own. Without any 121 coaching.

– Motivation dies.

– You get distracted by ‘life’ stuff.

– You start to forget about the reasons why you initially succeeded.

– Results are just harder to come by.

And in regards to that last point. It’s all about the 121 coaching, member page and the 12-18 month, content stacked S-curve formula.

One part of that… Is nailing ‘nutrition’.

There’s no way that I could explain how that all works, in a single newsletter. But what I will mention, is that this is when supplements become useful.

Stuff like > hydro whey and > Instant knockout.

These typically don’t get used in the beginning. But they do, after month 3 and beyond.

Because slow results after this period… Leads to hissy fits. Which leads to quitting. Hence…


I know you won’t reply to these emails. Because no one does that any more. Everyone responds via direct messages.

The best way to do that. Is through FB Messenger. And if you don’t like Facebook. You can just use the Messenger app ‘only’.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Balance board shenanigans.

– You can > not be stopped


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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