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Now that you know about the 2 core phases @ > yesterday’s newsletter

And now that you know that the holy grail of your continued success, happens because of what we do in the on-going 121 coaching/chats.

It’s time to walk you through what a typical day looks like on a normal working week, as an S-curve member.

Let’s go…

#1 The mirror

You’re a lady. So we all know that you live in front of one of these. Several times a day. And it will indeed be the first thing that you’ll look at, as you jump out of bed.

But… It’s also one of the easiest times to throw a hissy fit. As you’ll usually look your worst (physically) at this time of day.

Which means… Your breakfast meal will contain all nutrient types. And is the only meal of the day that does.

– Slow digesting protein (Scrambled eggs)
– Fast digesting protein (Whey on oats)
– Slow digesting carbs (Oats)
– Fast digesting carbs (Orange juice)
– Mono/Poly fats (From the eggs)

That’s a standard example. But it does change, as you advance through the stages. And based on your day to day life shenanigans.

#2 Snacks

This will vary, based on each individual. But the golden rule, is to eat any dry/easy to carry around food source, that is high in slow digesting protein or mono/poly fats.

#3 Lunch

You are indeed encouraged to get in 3 full meals a day. Especially on a results phase. And it’s easy to do, once you’re active in the S-curve workouts. As they’ll make you hungry.

But on a lifestyle phase… It will slip at times. You’ll either…

– Stick to the snacks above
– Or just eat a small S-curvish lunch

> Slow digesting protein (Mackerel)
> Mono/Poly fats (Olive oil over veggies)
> Slow digesting carbs (Optional)

#4 You don’t eat meat?

That’s ok… We can get our protein from non-meat foods too.

#5 Workouts

– Shredding to smexy
– Becoming S-curvish

Note: See > More buzz @ equipment needed.

You’ll do one of the two. Or whatever we’ve discussed on your tailored plan on your member page. And the meals are structured, based on the time of day that you workout @ > read this.

#6 Tailored Daily Exercises

These are done daily without fail on a results phase. And it’s one of the things that is hard to stick to, without 121 coaching and end of day reports. Which is why those features are in place!

It acts more of a ‘fall off the fit wagon’ prevention tool, whilst on a lifestyle phase though.

#7 ‘Come up for air’

It doesn’t matter what it is. But find something to do… That gives you at least 1 hour of complete peace of mind, every single day. For me… It’s sitting by a roof top pool.

#8 Dinner

Results phase = We stick to…

– Slow digesting carbs
– Veggies @ fibrous carbs
– Slow digesting protein

And just tweak the carb intake/time that we eat dinner.

Lifestyle phase =

The same… But we break the rules on more days of the week.

Remember the coffee shop/lounge/beach hangout talk from yesterday? Yea… That…


That’s a typical day. It can and will become more flexible as you live your life. And once again… It’s where the 121 coaching/chats come in. LIVE… On the FB profile link below.

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