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Well… That’s what we would call it. If the following TC2.0 shenanigans became one…

Buzzers… Saturday…

You all know how important food variety is right?

Well… Going by the LIVE action that’s going on with members. That seems to be the theme with what we do on TC2.0 trips. As some (Myself included) are having big ‘come up for air’ moments.

That is… Completely relaxing for 3-4 days in a TC 2.0 destination.

Which > is this…

Wonderful, but less popular spots. Which is what I did back in February (That pic above) and April (Will talk about in a sec).

Not totally ‘fun’. But the relaxation goals are met in these locations. As these spots make you want to turn off the tech and embrace peace.

And in some cases, you have no choice. As the wifi can be pretty bad in some of these spots. So ya… We definitely have different themes.

So we’ll start listing some of these themes soon. So that you can start picking them out when needed. Just like we do with the foods. As you progress through your journey.

Follow through

I have to highlight this issue. Especially at this time of year. And that is… The case of following through.

When I look back… It’s crazy @ the amount of members there are, who almost never become members. Some of it was because of > what I spoke about here.

Which is understandable. And it’s my job to make sure you get on a safe flight.

But if they didn’t become members. They would have never experienced the positive changes that they saw in their lives. Physically… And with the people around them, who watched it all happen.

And you’ve all watched it happen too. Especially in the past 12 months.


The issue at hand… Is when one quits, even when things are starting to go good.

And like I’ve said before. It’s usually a case of being scared of succeeding. Which just means being scared of change.

– You’re used to being known as the skinny person
– You’re used to being known as the chubby person
– You’re used not completing stuff

It even happened with me this year. When I did my first cliff jump (April above).

Almost everyone who does ‘that’ is scared poo-less. And one of the folks I was with, didn’t do it.

But once done… You realise what you’ve been missing out on the whole time. And you just want to jump from higher up, each time you do it.

Conclusion to following through

You’ll experience this at some point on stage 2. Once there… Just hold on tight, while I take you on a ride that’ll remain a part of your life forever.

Fall season festivities

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Enjoy this weekend day #1!
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