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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s the weekend. And we typically slow things down a notch… And just talk things out.


Let’s talk program stuff

Things always change. Yet they also remain the same.

Let me explain…

So… Stage 3 has existed for around 3 years now. Which is a long time in today’s fast paced world.

It’s always been fast paced. But the entire world is on the internet now. So it’s official @ fast paced for everyone.Most people won’t ‘start’ on stage 3 today. That’s old sh*t.

Enter: There is no BEST… Only best for YOU.

Instead… People will start a conversation. Find out how we’ll go about creating a solution. And then start via a tailored Paypal link that we send, inside Messenger.

Then later on, they might start stage 3, once they’re ‘in the game’. And it’ll usually be a weekly, 3 or 6 month tailored payment link there too.

Kinda like what we’ve just done with > Hallow-curvish @ 4-7 weeks.

You might not even start Hallow-curvish either. But it’s out there. So that you are aware of it’s existence. And why it came into existence.

So that’s what ‘starting’ looks like in 2018. If you’ve been watching from the sidelines.


The new Premium Newsletter (Beta)

Long term readers enjoy the newsletter and all that is inside it. And don’t necessarily want to do any long term tailored program’s (It’s just ONE of the many things that you ‘can’ get into on here).

But they (You) do like the idea of ‘more’ newsletter (Less frequent, digestible, yet ‘relatable-content’ packed). I know this, because members have reached out and told me so. Long azz convos about it in fact.

I myself, control the newsletter side of things. So that… Will relate to you 1000%.

> This is what we’re starting with

A premium newsletter also acts as a much better thing to have in your ‘mobile presence’, if you like to enjoy the rest of the S-curve experience (Which is everyone… Me included).

Like… Just digging into a premium newsletter, when you’re on your travels. Is super handy. Instead of

loading up a member page and getting busy with that.

Member page shenanigans are OK when stationary (Even when on your travels @ hotel). But not always when on the move.

I even state that on the Travel-curvish page.


To conclude 

So that’s the 2 options @ how people are choosing, when they want to become members in 2018.


S-curve experience 

Nothing much has changed there. Biz as usual. Enjoy your life. Just do it S-curvishly. And if you’re business minded. With > more cash in your back pocket.

I’m going to focus on just ‘talking to everyone’ this weekend. So jump over to Messenger if you want to talk things out. Any topic.


What’s trending?

> Instant knockout and or > Testofuel (Guy FitBuzzers) – Because there’s now an equal amount of guys who ask for help now. Since becoming an S-curve experience.

The same rules apply @ what has been said to female FitBuzzers with > Lean bean. You use those supplements… ‘Along side’ YOUR S-curve meal structure @ There is no best… Only best for YOU.

In terms of food… We find out what’s best for you. By looking at the ingredients inside any one food source.

– The > Popsocket

> Dolomites for a TC2.0 destination

– Become S-curvish and > ‘walk it’ proudly

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