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And innovation.

Since starting I began to find that many of you like to be introduced to new ways of building muscle, for specific muscle groups only, with the most popular being,

How To Build Killer Shoulders?
The Art of Building a Bigger Butt
Effective 6pac building techniques
Plateau Busters – The Chest Workout Routine

I also know you love being introduced to unique bodyweight exercises too. In fact, there is actually a product that’s lets you utilize both aspects of the above.

The ViPR aka Whole Body Workout Tool

(Innovative new fitness equipment that incorporates the utility of the barbell, dumbbell, Kettle bells, stability ball, medicine ball, balance device and speed ladder)

The good thing about this kind of product is that it puts what I continuously preach about here on into practice.

‘To prioritize whole body workouts!’

That is how you ‘properly’ build all of the muscles of your body.

This is not necessarily ‘fun’, but it is an interesting an exciting way to build muscle and maintain fitness.

Build Muscle with Video Games

We all know about the glory of Wii-fit and I have previously talked about mixing video games and fitness back in Guitar Hero for fitness. And the reason to do both is to have fun while getting into shape at the same time.

It’s all about the enjoyment rather than treating exercise as a chore. You don’t have sex just to make babies right? (Most don’t plan babies at all actually) You do it for enjoyment too… right?

Most will answer yes to that, and if so, then start treating your workouts the same way. Personally, I like to go a ‘good’ gym at least twice a week. But I don’t treat this as ‘time to workout’. Instead i treat this as entertainment/ social time. Just like hitting the club/ bar/ restaurant or playing on the Playstation 3. Whether it’s Guitar Hero, Wii-fit, simulation bikes or special dance classes, take action and do more of those things. You’ll start building great functional strength without even noticing it because you’ll be too busy having fun.

TRX Suspension, Kettle-bells and others

These are the products that you may want to include in your workouts. Not only are these kinds of products great to use, they also bring something new to your workouts and muscles.


TRX suspension training involves using a set of nylon straps that are positioned to create resistance using your own body weight and gravity. This form of  training has been used by professional gymnasts for years, but now you can use it too, all from the comfort of your own home as well.


The Kettle bell has been around for years, but it is still great as it does 2 things.

1) Conditions your whole body
2) With a very simple plan

Mixing these products into your workouts (which may currently only consist of machine weights and free weights) will also make your workouts more interesting as you’ll be learning and trying something new. And ‘NEW’ is always good, no matter what it is.

If you aren’t already doing some of the things mentioned above, then it’s likely that you will be very soon


Recent trends show that activity in the gym is moving away from just ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding and machine work. Today fitness in general is becoming more about attitude towards whole body wellness with products such as the ViPR. (Mentioned above)

I don’t see too much wrong with this, as we are always on the search to find new and unique ways to build muscle and keep fit. Besides, that statement right there is the mantra of this site.

What ever happens in the future, we will always find new ways to build muscle, will getting more virtually interactive with our workouts, but most importantly will be having fun while doing it all. What you read here is just a start for things to come.

Bodybuilding and fitness is good!

See you in the comments.

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