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Buzzers… Thursday…

You know… In daily life… There’s always at least one person that you’ll bump into on a regular basis. Who will try to make you feel like s***.

It could be down to envy, jealousy or simply because that person is feeling like trash. So they’re offloading that onto you (Smelly trash).

That issue is super present today. Just look through the comments on social media posts.

> This…

Is making the problem worse too. As I’ve highlighted twice in the past week. But in S-curve world. Our job is to make you look and feel like a better version of yourself.

And being the person who is in charge here at present. I have to lead by example.

Like yesterday…

I sent the newsletter out early. Because I went to meet up with > this lady. She lives in the same area as me. And we got talking one day.

She works in real estate. And she did indeed invite me to one of her events. Events… Where properties are presented to potential buyers.

Most people would say no to the invite. And if it’s a guy that she invites. They’ll just say yes. With a sneaky intention to strike up a date scenario at some point along the way.

I personally don’t need a ‘date’ (Hehe). And I did indeed say yes. I’ll tell you why… And you’ll learn why in a sec.

But this is what happened…

– Met up with her and several of her colleagues.

– Met her boss… Along with a fellow guest too.

– Ending up teaching the boss how to do his job more effectively, using online marketing strategies.

– Ended up learning about ideal properties that I’ve been eyeing up for the past 2 years or so (Close to

hiking or beach spots outside of the main city).

– Ended up teaching her about some S-curve stuff. Having an early night out + Building relationships

+ Letting her see how I am around the people that are close to her and around complete strangers too.

– Ended up having a continued late night out (TGIF nights out on a Wednesday).

So… The reason I said yes. Is because you don’t know what you don’t know.

And a lot of times. There are magical connections in place, that we are blind to. Simply because we don’t say ‘yes’ more.

And today… I’ve woken up, with eyes wide open.

And… She’s now getting a trial S-curve workout/chat/hangout session today. Which will be over by the time you read this.


Me saying yes… Lead to an increased knowledge base @ every one that came into contact with one another.

And she… Ended up feeling like a better version of herself. Even though it’s early days.

We’ve pretty much exposed every part of what we do @ life. The good stuff, bad stuff… And everything  in-between.
So, in regards to being ‘open’ about stuff… The way to approach experiment #1. Is to do the 4-6 weeks.
– If you like the results by weeks 4-6… Continue on.
– If you don’t… Just take all of the content created, up until that date. And then continue on by yourself. It’ll be harder to do on your own. But you can still succeed on your own. At which point, you can return for extra help, if you feel that you need it.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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