The evolution of the internet (And your butt)

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Buzzers… Friday… (The evolution of the internet?)

We’ve been Fitbuzzing for 9 years now. Which feels a lot longer, in ‘internet’ years. Because things do change a lot. And frequently.

Sh*t… The internet world is ‘the’ world (almost) now. So I’m not sure I can call it that any more.

Like… Today. The way a lot of people think. Is that, if you don’t post what you’re doing… It didn’t happen.

Either way. We will always make sense of the madness that’s going on. And adapt it to S-curve world shenanigans. And I’ll personally, always bring you the ‘real’.

Back to… Evolved (More than) booty…

Because things have indeed changed on here too, during those 9 years.

So today. Let’s take a look @ what has…

#1 This newsletter 


Email newsletter only > Email replies.


> Email newsletter
> FB Messenger newsletter
> Replies via Messenger only
> FB stories
> 121 chats
> Become a member or get into other stuff inside the S-curve experience… Like the > ingredient focused 

supplements or the stuff you see in ‘what’s trending’.

#2 Progress pics


Just the hall of fame.


– S-curve member stories.

– FB friendship (Friends with S-curve members) anniversaries.

– When FB shows you progress pic memories, you share them.

– Become an author and do what it says > here.

#3 Apparel/Merch


Skreened for 6 whole years. Along with Cafépress.


Just Cafepress for now.

#4 The supplements

Not much has changed in this department, other than merging them into the S-curve formula.

But naturally… New ones will enter the scene in the future. As long as they fit into, and enhance the S-curve experience.

#5 Where to get all the other stuff, to use within the S-curve experience?


Quite a few places over the years. But today… Just Amazon.

Most of the important stuff can be seen via More buzz. But the rest, usually ends up in ‘what’s trending’.

#6 The main 1-12 month/1-5 year program


Stages 1-4 on Morebuzz.


– For the folks new to S-curve world = Stages 1-4 on More buzz.

– For seasoned followers and newsletter readers = Tailored Paypal links and > this page.

What’s trending in S-curve world today? 

– > S-curve bodyweight shenanigans.

– > Ankle weights… Because of the new S-curve members starting this week.

– Again… > Because of the new members


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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