The evolution into an S-curve Xperience (part 2)

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Let’s go back in time again. Because just like ‘success’. History leaves clues too.

Getting rid of cars and luxuries

This happened when I had a car accident back in 2007.
Luckily, I was insured (As everyone should be). So yes… I could have easily replaced the damaged car (It was a write off), with a new one, from the insurance money I received.
But at this time… I was also funding the > start up that I was a part of.
Instead… I decided to get even more resourceful. Left the ‘car’ life entirely. And went even deeper into the business.
The next year or so, had me living ‘minimalistic’.
Looking back… I can now see how that was the foundation to some of the elements that we embrace today, within the S-curve Xperience…
‘Coming up for air’ – Wether travelling around globally or locally. You start to  appreciate your surroundings a lot more when on foot.
Yes… Road trips in cars are great. But your thoughts slow down and gather… When you start to walk around. Which happened in many different cities.
And many others, since 2009.
In 2019. > This is how we ‘Come up for air’.
Travel-curvish 2.0 
Back in 2005… I became an ebay seller.
I was still a college student then. Yet… I started to make 1000’s of dollars a week.
I had less responsibilities then. So taking 2-4 week trips was a non-issue.
I also realised that selling physical products kept me glued to one location. Which is why I wanted to transition to this…
That dude you see sitting anywhere and everywhere…
Seeing the world whilst working.
Which of course, is becoming more common today, in 2019. 
Note: It’s actually less people than you think, who actually are living and working this way. But we’re increasing that number within the Xperience. With the help of > this.
At that time… I lacked the skill set to achieve that. But of course, that came with time.
Anyway… Leaving the student life and entering the world of ‘work’. Meant that taking 2-4 week trips would start to happen less. If not at all.
Which lead to a lot of 2-4 day trips… That were 2-4 hours away from home.
Today… We all embrace these trips more. Especially since most people within the Xperience are grown ass adults (Says hello to our 2010 19 year old S-curve members :D).
Travel-curvish 2.0 in 2019, explained in full > here.

Seeing how happy S-curve members became….

This is old news now. But becoming an S-curve member is much more than fixing your body and butt.
It’s just what you do, when you want to improve other aspects of your life.
– Self image
– Confidence
– Divorces
– Injuries
– Lifestyle
– Mindset
Today… We have the ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program. Which has been explained in several posts now. Like…
We’re going to play a game…
Let’s play a game (Continued…) 
The program has always been about getting deeply involved into the lives of > S-curve members.
Which is why many are still present ‘today’. After starting 3-5-7 years ago.
Being that involved… Means that we get to learn about their other interests in life.
All of that info combined… Has lead to what you see, at all 4 core parts of today’s S-curve Xperience…
60-100% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish (The end of ‘fitness’) 
An EPIC list of the absolute WORST fitness tips (S-curve world) 
The meaning of ‘Coming up for air’ in S-curve world 
May 10th newsletter 2019! (Protocol viewing) 
It’s all been an organic evolution into all of the above.

To conclude

Again… I’m leaving this as an open newsletter. As there is room for expansion on this post.
Just remember…
– S-curve members
– Friends
– Associates
– Peers
– S-curve partner program members
– Followers
There’s something here for all of you. Which you’ll find here…
You are all a part of the S-curve Xperience. Simply by existing here.
As usual… Send us DM’s. Subscribe yourself to this website. The more you do, the better Xperience you’ll have.

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