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Buzzers… Moan-day…

See today’s daily updates > fit fash of the day @ ‘moan’. Although > this is the current fave right now.

Weekend… It’s over now. But for me. I’ve been binge watching a lot of comedy shows. New and old ones.

So yes… I truly came up for air this weekend… From all of that laughter. Ha.


The newsletter goes out everyday. And every single one is treated like gold @ quality. So make sure you

catch up on this past weekends newsletters. Especially > this one.

About that… @ newsletter topics since Friday…

The 30 day trial is now an official challenge

Because it’ll be the gold plan experience that you’ll get in your first month. And as a new member, you

need to be mentally prepared for that.

Fixing/preparing the mind is a big part of the other 65% non-workout stuff that we’re focusing on this year.

So… What better way to start, than with the first words that you’ll see, as you enter the program.

> Live streaming booty

We already do a pretty good job on the current results phase. But the above, represents an initial variation

of what the future results phase will look like.

It won’t be for everyone, yet. But take a peek. You might just become one of the early adopters. Just like

the folks who embraced the internet, back in 1995-2000.

That happened. Robot world is next. Which is still a conversation for another day. Ha.

Today… I’m going to walk you through a basic S-curve workout.

And then, flip the workout around, based on some things that actually do happen with trainees.

This is what we do on the live update member pages. And even more so on the live streaming results

phase that I talked about above.

#1 Goblet squat

We change exercise variation, because you’ve been doing the same variation for the past several

workouts. Maybe generic super rep squats. What we switch to, depends on ‘you’.

#2 Laying barbell tricep extension

We change the exercise variation to the single arm overhead dumbbell exercise, because your wrists

have started to hurt. This can happen at any time. Although we do everything in our power to prevent it.

#3 Running on the spot

We cannot do, because the whey protein shake was taken just 20 minutes before this intense Monday

workout (‘Intense’ is the norm for a Monday. We usually go less intense towards the end of the week).

Which means, that you’ll feel like puking it up. Yack @ drink it 1 hour before.

#4 Kneeling leg kick > hip extension

Time to add ankle weights. Because you breezed through the first set with ease (Strength has progressed

> Had proper rest > Ate S-curvishly ‘exact’ over the weekend).

#5 Bicep curls

Time to add drop sets till failure. Because of the same reasons as exercise #4 above.

#6 Generic bicycles

Time to switch to the most difficult variation. S-curve members will know what this is. Ha. Doing so will get

you to your results quicker.
Which is why you should never fall off during your first 6-8 months on Gold > Bronze.


The above scenario is ‘exactly’ what happens during live workouts. That’s the kind of thing that’ll

we’ll start to do on the 6 week results phase (Live streaming) program.

Again… We’ll talk about it more as we evolve into that arena.

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