The Bonanza Is Back!

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Hi FitBuzzers




A new 15 min multi set s-curve workout << 



Second – The OSC Bonanza is back


The last time I did this was in January. And before that, Black Friday in November. But I’m

ramping up the special things that I’ll be doing for you. The first thing…


>> Operation S-Curve at 50% off <<


For the next 29 hours ONLY. Bank holiday/Memorial weekend bonanza.



This is kind of a response to a few emails I received over the past week. And because I’m

truly appreciating the good feedback from some OSC members (Especially about the love

for the workouts – I did it for YOU).


But again. It’s just the first in a line of summer goodies that I have lined up for you.


Oh.. And I’ll be sending you a bonus too. That is….


+ 3 bonus super challenge S-Curve workouts

+ Special full day meal plans for that week 

+ How to make your own S-Curve workouts


Third – Grip strength


I’m currently making changes to the original OSC strength calculator. You can download the

original one HERE.


(I actually make daily updates to all of OSC. And.. to make things really simple, simply 

enter the figures, skip the text and perform the reps/sets it calculates for you for 2-4 

week periods).


But the reason for bringing this up again is because…


1. I can see people searching for it in the Fit Buzz statistics

2. Because the issue of ‘how much should I lift is still an *issue*’


I’ll explain…


– If you can’t perform 8 reps of any given weight, (lower it). It is too heavy.

– If you can perform 12 or more reps the weight is too light (Increase it).

– Your weight for each set may change based on this principle


Now, you may not have seen that chart above before, but it’s a simple gauge that tells you

how much you should be lifting at any given time.


Now, let’s talk about food and the workout




Well, because many of you want to shred to sexy, yet keep lean muscle mass. And you also

want to grow a butt. You know, give it an almighty lift. The new workouts will help you get

there (15 minute/OSC workouts).


Many of you have stated that you love the workouts.


Which is great.


Now, it doesn’t matter what your body looks like right now. The fact of the matter is, is that

you’d have to do summin pretty drastic to change the way it looks. Some of you are doing that

with the workouts. However, you may be destroying the way some body parts look, IF… You

don’t feed your body right (during/after) your workout. I’m talking long gaps of crappy nutrition

24-48 hours after.


So don’t be scared to follow the increased calorie intake with the purple text on the

precise calorie calculator.


The OSC manual explains how to use it (I’m still gonna simplify it even more). Remember,

your body is always in a constant state of change. That is, it’s always breaking muscle down

and building it back up. Our goal is to keep the shift in our favor. To keep that hard earned



Strength… Grip…


Now, we gotta talk about increasing strength gains and grip strength.


“The people who make the greatest strength gains over time will make the greatest size gains over 

time according to their genetic potential”


What that means, is that you will build your best S-Curve during months 4,5,6 and after (For most of

you). Yet a very good S-Curve during months 1,2 and 3.


You will indeed be increasing the weight, slowly over time to achieve this.


But one issue I KNOW you will have, is a lack of grip strength. You know, you’ll have the strength to

lift the heavy weight. Yet, your grip will begin to fail you. You’ll notice this on exercises such as the

deadlift or if you decide to perform weighted pull ups (Or maybe if you sweat a lot in the palms).


Fit Buzz isn’t a master at teaching you how to increase grip strength. But this is one ‘non messy’ tool

that can help…


The metolius ball <<


Yup, it’s been around for a while and still works wonders. So if grip strength is ever an issue. Get

that ball in ya hands…


You have a few options here. All from Amazon, because Amazon just rocks for purchasing most

physical products online.


Yes, you have stuff like wrist straps, but I’ll detail these in another post. Possibly a guest post from

one of my grip strength colleagues.

Copy the code below to your web site.

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