The Body Building Beacon – 5 Tips for Designing Your Own Gym Setup

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Working out is hard, but that’s kinda the point.

Strenuous exercise is good for you, as your muscles get bigger and stronger the more you work them. Cardio reduces fat content, strength training is mostly weight based, and gym machines are a great combination of weight and endurance training.

Exercise increases the health and wellbeing of your body, often increases your life expectancy, and improves your quality of life as well, making it easily one of the most rewarding pastimes/activities.When designing your gym set up, a combination of a range of cardio equipment and a range of weight-based machines is a wise spread. 


It’s important to remember cardio when planning your your gym setup, as many people forget the cardio and dive headlong into the weights as soon as the design process begins. Big muscles are great, and they indicate strength and hard work, but you’ll never be able to see them unless you use cardio to work away the surface layers of fat that conceal that muscle. Cardio also helps with improving heart health, so your overall well being, benefits from a bit of cardio.


You might want to have pronounced muscles,  as many people do when they start working out.

The best way to achieve that goal is a by a series of weights, each exercise including a weight and a different muscle group. Shoulders, back, arms, chest, legs, forearms, core, all of these can be exercised with weights, and all of these become more pronounced muscle groups with longer-term and increasingly difficult weightlifting. Heavier weights with fewer repetitions equals more muscle growth, lighter weights with more repetitions equals more toned muscles. A combination of both is the ideal to aim for when designing your weight-based section of gym.


Machines are a wonderful invention of the modern world.

They take the space and work needed to do many different exercises and compress them down into one small area, saving space and many moving parts with the potential to go missing. Elliptical machines, cardio machines (such as exercise bikes and treadmills), and weight-based machines are all fine additions to any gym, and can drastically increase the number and the kinds of exercise you can do with a relatively small space.


Speaking of space, space is another thing you will need to consider when planning this gym.

Nobody wants to exercise in a broom closet, and your gym room should be long enough and wide enough to really allow for a wide range of movement on all sides. Make sure you can stride confidently for at least a few seconds in any one
direction, where possible. This means you have room to perform more complex exercises, like walking pushups or bear crawls.

Forgotten Things

Many non-exercise related things are crucial to make a gym viable.

How are you going to clean and/or deodorise the room? How are you going to remain hydrated while there? How are you going to play music, or cool down when it’s hot, or warm up when it’s cold? These are all often forgotten, and hurriedly fixed later on, but you can get ahead of them by dealing with them before they become an issue for future-you.

With these tips, your exercise palace can become a reality within months instead of years.

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