The Biggest Bodybuilding Mistake You Will Ever Make!

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Staying in tune with the shock body preparation series, I would like to reveal the biggest mistake you are probably making in your weightlifting workouts. And just like a ‘good’ idea, it is very simple and can be so easily be avoided. But before I carry on, let us just reflect on what we know to prepare for thus far.

  • Look after your hands (Prevent calluses)
  • Place visuals of your bodybuilding mantras in the areas that you spend most of your time.
  • Find a training partner
  • Perform the advanced warm-up
  • Increase your endurance
  • Drink water
  • Learn to pace yourself

These are all of the things that have been covered so far in shock body preparation. Now back to the issue at hand.

Shock body exercises are performed to solve the problem for questions such as,

  • How many days should I train per week?
  • How many sets should I perform for each muscle group?
  • What type of rep range should I be using?
  • How long should my workouts last?

In order to stimulating muscle growth. Shock body exercises will be a great solution to these questions because these questions would have been asked ‘after’ you have built a certain level of muscle mass. And it is at this stage that you may become lost on how to take things to the next level.

Now, these are very important questions, which I hope shockbody exercises will help answer. But they will not get answered if you continue to make the biggest bodybuilding mistake EVER! Like many things in life, us humans will continue to over-complicate things and think that all great things achieved have been met by solving some super duper complex formula. Sometimes that is the case, but not often.

But if your muscles are not growing after trying everything from eating 5-7 times a day to increasing the weight that you lift, then I can bet that you have fallen victim to the biggest bodybuilding mistake ever….


You could be doing almost everything correct such as,

  • Increasing your strength to lift heavier weight
  • Taking Glutamine 30m minutes after your workout

You may even be performing the hardgainer workout routine that I posted some weeks back, which focuses on progression. But unless you use physical pen and paper and track your progress weekly without fail, then you could be setting your self up for failure in your muscle gaining efforts.

Your muscles have a memory, and every time that you rip the fibers in your body, your muscles will react by increasing in strength and size. But this will only keep happening if YOU keeping on adding more stress by increasing resistance. But how do you know how you are REALLY progressing if aren’t writing things down? I would rarely see anyone in the gym doing this and I know that you probably won’t do that when you go home either, and you will probably forget what you did by this time anyhow. That is how I know you have either made this mistake or are still making it.

All you have to do now is eliminate all ‘grey area’ and focus on REAL progression. That could be by implementing the hard gainer routine and increasing the weight by 2% every week. And then to write your progression down without fail.

You may be able to test your strength by performing the deadlift exercises that I described here. But true progression can only be gauged by following the above.

Don’t wait up… start progressing properly TODAY!

See you in the comments.

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