The Best Running Shoelaces For Fitness and Workout’s

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Whether you are running outside or clocking up mileage on a treadmill, it is crucial that you look after your feet. Exercise, and particularly running, can put a great deal of strain on your feet so it is vital that you have high-quality running shoes. Poorly manufactured shoes, or ones that are worn out, will not provide the adequate support and this could lead to a host of injuries not limited to your feet.


The laces in the shoes may not seem like a major component, but they are vital for tightening the shoes so that you can optimize your performance and run safely. In addition to this, you do not want shoelaces that are too long as they could become untied which will then become a trip hazard whilst running.

The Best Running Laces

Fortunately, in 2018 there are fantastic running shoelaces on the market which can provide comfort, safety and far superior performance. This includes Caterpy Laces, which are the world’s best-selling no-tie shoelace. They feature elastic spring bumps that allow for adjustable tension between the eyelets. This makes them extremely convenient as you can simply slip them on and never have to tie your laces. Additionally, they maintain tension throughout the day for improved comfort and the customisable tension reduces impact and promotes healthier blood flow to your feet whilst running.

Another popular type of shoelace to try in 2018 is Lock Laces, which are another no-tie type with a plastic lock that allows you to easily change the size of the lace. The fastening system is quick and easy to use whilst the laces themselves are strong and very elastic.

Finding the Best Laces

It is important to remember that no two pair of feet are the same, so what works well for somebody else may not work best for you. It is important to think about the type of feet you have, along with where and how far you will be running, and try a few different types. A good pair of laces will be wasted on a poor pair of running shoes, so always invest in high-quality running shoes too as this is crucial for avoiding injury.

Running remains one of the most popular sports around and it is a fantastic way to stay fit. Special running shoelaces are a great investment if you are a runner as they can improve performance, comfort, safety and enjoyment, but it is worth trying a few different types to find the right ones for your feet.

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