The argument ‘against’ becoming perfect

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Becoming 90-100% S-curvishly perfect… Comes with a lot of pressure. That’s kinda why we have the 1-5
year time line in place.

And why we focus on the 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff. As that’s what will keep you on ‘wagon’.

But even then… It’s the goal to get to 90-100% S-curvish that is mostly talked about. So today… I’m here

to say… That it’s OK to move along and to be content with a 70% S-curvish body.


Only if you have targeted all of your problematic body parts. Otherwise… You’ll live a life full of hissy fit
moments. Especially when you wake up or dress up for an event.

And of course… That is what we call the lifestyle phase.

Many S-curve members are on the lifestyle phase right now. And have been for a long time. It’s a lot more

fun. And we get to actually have a conversation about all things @ life.

Not just results, results, results. Which is what the results phase is for.

We recently added a new nutrition module to FB messenger guide this week…

It was all about what we covered in > this newsletter.

I already said that the nutrition stuff will go on… Long after you become S-curvish. So here’s some more

foods to add to that list…

– Hazelnut = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Is very high in good fats and is commonly high in fat… So this

would make a super day time snack if you’re busy and unable to get full meals in.

– Pumpkin seeds = Exactly the same scenario as hazelnut.

– Wild rice = For the proteins, vitamins and minerals – Commonly high in carbs… But it’s a step up from

brown rice.
– Purple potatoes = For the same reason as wild rice.
This list gets really interesting once we start digging into culture/country/region specific foods. Which is
a conversation that you can look forward to at some point on stage 4. As your interest levels will be very
high at that stage.
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