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Buzzers… Nutrition coaching. To live every moment, as > epic (Had to plug the pun there) as possible… Is the overall goal in S-curve world.

That was the day 1 goal, when I started > the website that evolved into what is now, the S-curve experience.

‘Epic’ is what happens at the highest level, when on > Travel-curvish trips (@ Recently posted).

You get ideas on where to go, every single day. By eyeing up the @fitbuzz Instagram feed (@ Every 5th post).

And in terms of YOUR experience here. It’s my job to out do, how that looks and feels for you, year after year.

And this year… We’re kicking that journey off… With the countdown to > Hallow-curvish.

We know that it’s nutrition focused from day 1 @ mentioned in all newsletters since Monday. And also serves as this years Thanksgiving/Black Friday program. But today… We’re going to dig into what we actually cover, once we start.

Let’s dig in…

#1 The official S-curve member food lists… And how you’ll use them over time….

– Tasty A rated foods
– The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods
– Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type
– Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type
– Foods that keep you feeling full
– The restaurant food menu formula 

– A special members only list

#2 Nutrition only focused weekends (And why we do them).

#3 The A-F food rating system (Especially when you go to eat out).

#4 Ideas for adding supplements to meals. To boost taste/replace D-F rated sweeteners. And speed up/boost results.

This is where we’ll dig into a lot of those foods/supplements/vitamins that you see in ‘What’s trending’, every other day on here.

Nutrition coaching is an in-depth topic. And it’s different for every single person (Which is why most are screwing it up).

That’s why you won’t see this stuff, on the protocol > More buzz list.

We focus on ‘ideas’… Because it’s about teaching you the formula. So that you can create your own S-curve meals.

And… Because you learn from ‘doing’. Doing things gives you experience.

Most people don’t do jack sh*t (Or very quickly quit). Or if they have been doing ‘sh*t’… It’ll often be the wrong thing.

Note: Kill the ‘know it all’ vibe. Follow my lead. Because I myself, know anything about you when you start. I’m learning as I go. And respond to the outcomes. Using the S-curve formula as a guide.

Even when I meet new people every week. I know nothing. I don’t know sh*t. I’m a student of YOUR life.

So embracing that mindset too… Going in on day 1… Is what you need to do.

That’s why you become an S-curve member. To fix your vibe.

And remember…

Timing is everything. This Hallow-curvish/Thanksgiving stuff. Is being done. To prepare you for the events that happen in January to March. And then summer.

Starting Hallow-curvish for 5-7 weeks, is just the beginning. And this sh*t takes time to really start working. Hence…

Another goal…

That has started this fall season. Is to get you more involved. Instead of me… ‘Just’ teaching you about the S-curve stuff. Especially if you’re a successful past member.

We’re doing this, via…

– The S-curve member partner program. Where you can introduce the program to others. Add them to specific group coaching chats. And of course… Be rewarded via commissions, from doing so.

The no.1 reason why this exists. Is because of the happiness vibe it creates, amongst ‘your people’.

– And via Buzzcoin (Via More buzz). Where together…We can get involved in ‘trading/investing to earn’ (Especially if you’re business minded).

And to organically evolve into whatever becomes of that industry + Adapt it to S-curve world industries.

It’s already evolved quite a bit over the past 12 months. And the first thing new signees are doing. Is just documenting the early resources that I’m giving @ the stuff I started using, at the start of 2018.

What’s trending? 

– …For OOTD-curvish attire > in NYC.

– TBT > working out with your babies.


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