The 3 mental principles of dieting

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The 3 mental principles of dieting

If you’re like me then you have probably read hundreds of lists of useful hints tips and guides to as a way of helping you through your diet. Whether it’s the top 10, top 20 or even top 100 everyone is an expert at offering dietary advice. Essentially, every list is the same in the way that they almost all offer the same kind of guidance, just in different steps or processes. Rather than finding a list on a blog post, it’s probably better to start from scratch and seek out a proven dieting plan, which can offer you professional support and guidance, as well as proven strategies and tools to help you guide yourself through your diet. However, when buying into a pre-prepared, proven plan, it is vital that in your mind you are also prepared, and that your own principles are set, which stay with you, helping you through the different changing stages of a diet. Here are the 3 simple, easy to remember fundamental principles that I and others stick to.

Have a plan and stick to it

When it comes to dieting, being self-disciplined is possibly the best quality anyone can harness. Once you have found your accredited, proven, and trustworthy plan, ensure that you assign it to yourself in a way that it fits in with your lifestyle. Some people find it incredibly difficult to be their own coach; be their own source of motivation as well as their own disciplinarian. Thankfully, there are some fantastic examples of online dieting coaching plans where the structure of your diet is planned and laid out; with this you simply need to add the qualities of perseverance and persistence.

Setting realistic, reachable goals

Positivity, enthusiasm and determination are all crucial qualities of a successful dieter. However, it is incredibly easy (and perilous) to set yourself idealistic, yet unrealistic goals. Too many times I have seen dieters lose faith and give up, simply because they are losing weight, but not enough to reach their goals and convince themselves that their diets are actually working. You know yourself better than anyone else, so you need to read carefully into your chosen dieting plan, and set yourself goals based on your current weight and lifestyle.


Set goals you can easily track, and realistically reach –

Know the rules, understand them

The best diet plans that work are the ones which have the rules set from the get-go. Some diet plans actually provide a diet list, which is a list of the foods you can eat during the different stages of your diet. If you make it clear in your mind which foods you can and can’t eat, then you are less likely to stray from your diet plan. The more involved you get with your diet plan, the better the results, take time to actually read into your plan, and understand the science behind the carefully constructed food lists. That way it becomes easier for you to appreciate your diet, and incorporate it into your life.


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