The 3 First Steps to Beginning Your Triathlon Training

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A triathlon is a racing event in three parts: running, cycling and swimming. You might think that competing in such an event is beyond everybody, but it’s a common misconception that only super athletes are capable of such an activity. Actually, with the right amount of training and dedication, everybody can complete a triathlon if they’re willing to put in the effort. Here’re the first 3 steps to beginning your triathlon training.

Creating a Culture of Training

The most important thing that you have to admit to yourself is that whatever your current shape, with the right amount of training, you’ll be able to complete a triathlon. Unfortunately training is difficult because it means getting into the right mind set. What this will require is creating a culture of training. The best way to do this is to dedicate time each night and label it as an appointment of the same level of importance as a haircut, bank meeting or business meeting. There’s always time to be made for training, it’s just how serious you want to treat it.

Combining Work and Diet

There’s no point in exercising if you don’t have the dietary restraint to go alongside it. Make sure you follow a balanced diet, and you start each day with a healthy breakfast. You should also try to fill your meal time dishes with lean protein, complex carbs and green vegetables, and to reduce your alcohol intake to a max of 2 drinks per day and your snacking levels down to as little as possible. Finally, be fair to yourself. You’re not trying to starve, you’re simply trying to get lean.

Enhancing Your Training

Once you’re following a training program and you’re eating right, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re really getting the maximum out of your new lifestyle. One is to get more sleep. A healthy amount of sleep is very necessary if you’re attempting to lead an active lifestyle, as sleep deprivation can lead to sluggishness. A further thing you can do is maximise your workout routine by wearing the right equipment. When you compete in your triathlon, you’ll need clothing appropriate for running, cycling and swimming, so you’ll need clothes like those available from High Octane Sports which are great for all three in one.

If you’re planning on doing a triathlon, don’t be put off – by following the advice above, you’ll be competing in no time.


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