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It looks like the current Epic butt/Tiny waist 30 day trial << pre-holiday

season promo is here to stay, based on new members current ‘excitement’ levels.

All in aid to prepare you for the Nov – December holiday season S-curve


Back to the headline

You know… There is one issue that I haven’t talked about yet.

It’s the issue of the jealous (Possibly insecure) spouse… Who doesn’t want you

to get on a 121 coaching program to become S-curvish… Or any other kind

of professional help that involves a ‘man’ helping you.

Which is mostly BS.

YOU, having to get permission from your spouse, is just another reason for him

to ‘act up’.

So do this one thing…

If they won’t let you get in S-curvish shape and to actually improve the quality

of your life overall (And his)…

Sit down and talk that sh*t out… Because the issue is not with you being on this 

one coaching program.

And it’ll ruin you the longer you keep your relationship that way. OK!

Saturdays backless dress workouts…

Here’s another ‘harder’ variation.

Workout 1 (30 mins)

– Super rep seated rows (4 x 8 reps)

– Face pull > pull apart (2 x 8 reps)

– Feet raised push ups (3 x 8 reps)

Workout 2 (30 mins)

– 5 x rotary holds each side

– Push up > knee to elbow twist (8 twists each side)

– 21’s rep range on the laying triceps extension… One of the toughest (7 reps 

upper/7 reps lower/7 reps all the way up/down)

This is just ONE workout format of many that gets used when tailoring monthly


Don’t bother with the above if you’re already an S-curve member. Just stick to

YOUR plan!

And remember…

The workout is just a trigger for results.

The other 70%ish stuff will complete your S-curvish goals.

– 1 – 30 days – Good results

– 1 – 90 days – Best results

– 1 – 6 months – 2 years = Damn near perfection!

Monday… Let’s gooooo!!


Today’s > ‘Morebuzz’

> Official Fall Season S-curve Challenge 

(6 months on bronze/silver/gold)



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