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Buzzers… Choose ‘today’… Thanos Reality stone. Yes… I’m a Marvel ‘movie’ (And cartoon) nerd. Triggered… From watching > Venom last night… In the cinema that sits inside the hub that I live in @ Townships are great for this reason (And for meeting a ton of new people).

Anyway… @ today’s headline…

The reality in S-curve world right now…

Is that almost everyone who wants to get involved in long term S-curve world products/services/experiences… Wants to have a 121 conversation with ‘someone’ behind the scenes, before doing so.

It’s because we’re social beings @ human. And the internet isn’t that weird place that it used to be, in the years prior (Or at least ‘less of’).

The world is becoming more digital by the second. In every industry. With the latest shake up… To start happening within > Buzzcoin. And all things surrounding that.

Email newsletters aren’t going anywhere. But newer communication tools, are starting to take some jobs away, from what the newsletter use to have.

Like 121 chats…

That’s now a job for Messenger apps. With FB leading the way.

It’s leading… Because the trust levels are high on Facebook. It’s very easy to research who you are dealing with.

Even with my own experiences.

Like this year. I remember when I went to look for…

– A currency exchange shop inside the hub that I’m staying in.
– A hotel.
– A kids ball room inspired > coffee shop.

The first place I went to look. Was for a Facebook page (Or Google… Since it shows other social profiles). And if I didn’t find anything. I was off.

So… Instant purchases like…

> Ingredient focused supplements
> T-shirts 
> Or stuff on Amazon

Most folks will just buy them, after searching the info that’s given about them, throughout our content.

But stuff like…

> The premium newsletter
– S-curve member partner program

– Buzzcoin
– Or the main 1-12 month, Stage 1-4 S-curve program via Morebuzz….People will message first.However…. I will continue to announce them on here. Because that makes you aware that they exist.And aware… Of why they are coming into existence. Which is usually based on real conversations that happen, with everyone that interacts with me or the @fitbuzz online profiles, every single day.

Quick fire blueprint tips

#1 Slow (Bananas) or fast digesting (Pineapple juice) fruit to be eaten at breakfast, lunch, pre and post workout (Go with fast). But never 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#2 You’ll need Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks. If you’re focused on > results.

#3 Heather’s picture above, was years in the making. That’s what going from 60%- 90/100% S-curvish looks like.

The best S-curve experience approach. Is to use stage 4 or pay as you go. In order to achieve that.

Because that way… You’ll still have a life. And enjoy the process.

#4 Message with your issues. And I’ll either send more relatable tips your way. Or get you ‘started’ as a member. Because the most important action that you need to take. Is to just ‘start’.

You’re ‘in the game’ once that happens.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
FB messenger app:
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls
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