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Buzzers… Wednesday…

I’ve started up the S-curve experience stuff again, that we was doing last year.

That is… Roof top bars and hangouts in the evening/night. Which is super cool in warmer climates.

Which was also supposed to be a part of some possible in-person events. But we’ll see. As right now… Online platforms and communication is dominating. Along with some hot potential ‘shenanigans’ via ‘Buzzcoin’ on the horizon.

So… yesterday…S-curve experience.

Today… I’m going to share a few foods from 4 out of the 7 food lists within that module.

This will help you to understand how you’re going to apply ‘the different elements of eating’ to your regime, for the foreseeable future.

#1 Tasty A-rated meals

– Oats + raisins + chia seeds + blueberries

– Muesli + almond milk + apple/pear raisins

– Lamb + Mint sauce + brown rice

#2 Tasty A-rated cheat snacks

– Frozen grapes/Strawberries

– Cherry tomatoes

#3 Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

– Purple rice = High in protein – Commonly high in slow digesting carbs

– Chia seeds = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Commonly high in fat

– Pistachio nuts = High in protein/carbs – Commonly high in fat

#4 Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type

– Bulgar wheat


Stage 1-4 is a process. Like a university course… You need to complete semester 1 before you can complete semester 3.

– Nutrition progress
– Exercise and strength progression

I’ve shown you different parts of those throughout the blueprint tips on here. And that food list above…?  (Taken from the complete official food lists module).

You will use all of it at some point during your 1-3-6-12-18 month journey. Just never all in one day.


> Stages 1-4 got an update recently. Which makes transitioning through to each stage, a smoother
experience, where you should be more excited to move on to the next stage.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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