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Ok, ok, ooook….


I’ve been building muscle again, for the past 8 months. From September till January I focused only on bodyweight exercises. And from January till present, it has been all gym work. Following routines such as those covered in this post

Bang for your buck weight training

Now, before I go on, I’d just like to remind you that Stay-Fit Bug is all about what can be done for YOU to improve your fitness goals. Not what I am able to do for myself. However, I am of course the lead motivator on this site along with the occasional guest poster. And of course, I have to be able to show you that the information on this site, when applied, WORKS!!!

Moving on

So, from September until January, I was able to increase my strength gains and muscle mass.

Strength = Exercise example: Dips – 3 x 10 reps >>> 3 x 10 reps +20kg weight plate

Muscle mass = 11.5 stone (Yes, I was underweight at this point) >>> 12.5 stone

With almost no noticeable fat gain.

The best part about this, is that I was able to do this with no gym membership. Just the man and a pull up bar + dip bar. Of course, the first month or so was tough. Now, the nutrition side of things was pretty simple. Just ‘take no days off’ and eat! But as we know, increasing the number of pull ups/chin ups that you can perform takes time. But once you break through a certain strength barrier, it’s all fun and games from there on out.

Moving on in 2011

Now at this point, I decided that it was time to take my yearly break, as I didn’t get to do that at Christmas time. Meeting back up with a few friends, and their response to my physical appearance was pure validation that what I was doing works. I mean, it always has done in the past, but it’s good to know that the basics, when followed and applied just works.

And now you’re wondering how I looked by January 2011 right?

Well, let’s just play a little game of before and after



As you can see. Shaun Sinclair got, what everyone in this bodybuilding game likes to say… JACKED!!!!

Now, since taking this picture, everyone who follows me on and off of this site has put out the question.

”Shaun, are you really a hardgainer”?

My answer to that is no. I’m not a hardgainer. But, I am, like most people, a hard struggler.

You see, hardgainers, are for the most part, just under eaters. The only reason skinny folks are skinny is because they don’t eat! Therefore, I like to re-label guys like myself ‘hardstrugglers‘. Because we can put on muscle mass, when following the basic bodybuilding rules. We just sometimes struggle to put muscle on in places where it really could make a difference. Such as calves or arms.

Any how, I’ll let you judge the before and after pictures in the comments section below. (June pics coming soon :))

My stats since gyming it since January

Strength = It’s waaay up. I’ll cover this in detail in another post. But a simple pull up strength test I recently done = 25 pull ups straight! (I’ll be doing a super video on this in due course)

Muscle mass = Again, very little body fat increase. Now weighing in at 13.5 stone (14lbs increase since January)

How have I been able to do this?


+ following a strict program, sleeping and going at max intensity in the gym.

I won’t talk much more on this at present, but I will answer one simple question you may have.

Do I even need to go to the gym?

My answer to that is yes. The simple reason being that you have the right tools for the job at your disposal. Something I covered in detail in this post. Now, I will update you on my progress soon. But the point is that in order to get results, you just need to stick to it over time. And never fall victim to these bodybuilding errors that are keeping you skinny.

Building a body that is noticeably different in appearence isn’t always easy, yes. And attending the gym is the clear solution. But for many of you it goes a little deep than that. And the video I’m about to leave you with explains things a little further to why you may be struggling to build muscle.

Watch it here >>> Kill the muscle building struggle

Bugs Out!

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