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Buzzers… Back to school season…

Tag… Is the > name of a movie that came out a few months ago. But I only watched it this past weekend.

As it recently got a HD release.

I’m taking about it. Because it obviously left an impact.

– Maybe it’s something you should encourage your kids and siblings to do.

– It’s a little wild though. So don’t let them watch it. And I might re-create an actual tag game myself. Details coming soon :).

The new kids on the block 

I ‘called it’ yesterday. But it was indeed an eventful Monday. Meeting even more new people. There really must be an invisible sign above my head that says ‘talk to me’.


All of these ‘meets’. Has created a new set of followers in S-curve world. And I’m making sure that they blend in with the current followers/S-curve members.

One particular convo I had yesterday, went on for more than an hour.

He naturally had a lot of questions. And as usual. I answered them, the way I always do.

Let’s dig into those questions…

Why the focus on women ‘only’?

Me: Initially… It’s was by chance. An FB page that we ran in 2010, blew up. Even faster than the ‘still popular’ stayfitbug.com.

And the focus on that page, was women.

All the organic events that occurred after that, lead to what you see now.

And in Asia @ the focus?

It’s actually global. And always has been. But ‘me’ being located in this region of the world… All started by following where our ‘then’ Instagram followers were coming from (Circa 2013).

Long story short… I ended up here. And I was right. The interest was high @ many S-curve members (> in Asia) later.

From what I’ve learned thus far. The ladies in this part of the world will ‘spend’ on themselves (And I’m not talking about ‘money’… More so the motivation to put themselves first).

They want the results.

And as long as they trust who they’re getting it from. They go all in.

What about men (Like me)?

The fact that I ended up taking to him at random (A guy). Is the reason why men have been re-entering S-curve world in recent times.

The universal body part to fix, is the lower belly. Eating fat and fruit at night causes fat to sit there. Cheat

snacking and the > S-curve meal structure fixes it.

So… Men get that part of the formula thrown at them, for sure. Anything else… Is specific. Just like it is for women.

The S-curve experience It usually takes an entire conversation. Before people start to realise why a program… Then became an entire ‘experience’.

But that is the ultimate big picture. Because women are already dreaming about the S-curve experience.

Look at > this convo with new S-curve member Megan.

She is in the US. But even in Asia. The women desire that lifestyle, big time. Not so much the men. They get dragged along for the ride @ TC2.0 trips. Which is why women still rule in S-curve world.

But what typically happens in any ‘long’ convo (And via weeks/months of 121 Messenger chats). Is that people start to realise that it’s much more than just the body/butt.

**It’s more about a lifestyle and mindset fix. Having a great body, is a by-product, of that fix.

Q & A ended and went into other non-relevant topics.

Another convo that happened yesterday… 

With a follower turned member. Proved once again, that people are still getting it wrong @ what needs to be done, in order to win @ physical results.

Reminder notes from that convo =

– Slow-go cardio will shrink your butt.
– Bodyweight circuits and home S-curve workouts are great. But if you want your butt to grow. You’re going to need to add > weights (Over time… And iron plates @ they’ll last forever). And/Or ankle weights.

– The workouts only trigger results. What you need to do. Is get used to following the S-curve meal structure (above).

That’s just the beginning though. It will change, as you progress to months 3 and beyond. But that… Should and will become mandatory. If you follow through as an active member @ #scurveformula.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > waterproof bluetooth speaker

– > Couples/Friends TC2.0 shenanigans

– > New ideas @ coming up for air

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


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