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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week… So let’s get into it…

Recently…. I shared a > sequel to our back story (Link at the top of ‘More buzz’).

You can see all the changes that occurred in our world. And a lot of the time… The changes are instigated by the things that are changing in the ‘real life’ offline world (Online isn’t 100% real… Yet).

And the biggest change of all… That I started to predict back in 2005. Is that the internet world would soon reflect what goes on in the offline world, entirely.

Which means… It’s become easier to detect the frauds of this world. It’s harder for them to hide.

This is great for all of us on here. On your part… Due diligence has become easier.

Like in the real world… To really learn about a persons/entities real character. You just have to watch them over a period of time. Usually any time after 3 months.

If their behavior remains intact after that time. Then there’s usually no reason to start waving a red flag.

For us… We already know we have no red flag behavior.

We went totally LIVE in the past 2 years.

Every FitBuzzer > turned S-curve member, can be seen liking or commenting on my own FB profile. As I get everyone to add ME. And we are proactive and not reactive, to change.

In S-curve world…

– Creating stage 4 in 2016… Which stage 3 members started to embrace in 2017.

– To start focusing on an S-curve experience as a whole. Because no ones life here, is dominated by gym, muscles and supplements. It’s just a ‘part’ of your journey in this thing we call life.


– Watch ones LIVE behavior
– Watch what people do and not what they say

Do this is all areas of your life. And I can guarantee that you’ll live happily. With a ton of positive energy flowing around you. Which means you’ll start winning in more areas of your life.

Let’s ‘practical’ S-curve blueprint tip

#1 This is what the S-curve lifestyle looks like…

> Become S-curvish ‘properly’ (Aka ‘high end’).

> Create a ton of positivity around your friends and family because of it.

> Enjoy your new found self in ‘every’, out fit and in every destination.

> Enjoy keeping it… With your new approach to eating and working out (You’ll know exactly what this looks like by stage 4).

Everything that’s needed to make it all happen, can be found on > More buzz.

If that sounds good to you. And if your life currently doesn’t look like that… Then waste no time. Start!

#2 Embrace goals… Fxxx resolutions. The 100% ‘no fail’ way to do this in S-curve world. Is by becoming a member and living through the 4-6 week plans that we work through.

#3 Use the mirror and the ‘vision’ of the people around you, to gauge your physical progress. Not the scale.

#4 Food variations are king, when it comes to nutrition shenanigans in S-curve world. And the list is endless. Which is one reason why we created a new official foods list this year (Which I predict will become a ‘thing’ within the next year).

We also like to have fun with it. Especially towards stage 4.

Enter: Pomelo and salt as a dip. Give that a try @ breakfast + cheat snacking.

#5 There really is no need to figure anything out on here. Just ‘do’ what’s given to you. Remember what I said last week about over complicating things? Yea… Stop doing that. Spend that time living it up @ S-curve experience.

Message first. Reply second. And More buzz for everything else.


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