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Buzzers… Monday…
I’ll probably be in travel mode by the time you read this. And summer is indeed heating up, in all parts of the world.

I’ll post what I can @ my own shenanigans.

But if you want to see serious S-curve lifestyle visuals… Our Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube profiles, is where you need to go.

Now it’s time for some reminder S-curve blueprint tips.

#1 Range of motion

Increasing it… Is how you make each rep more effective. Which then leads to a boost in results.

A little list…

A) Standing knee to elbows – It’s like doing the bicycles exercise. But standing up. And a variation where it’s impossible to not do complete reps.

B) Kneeling leg kick > hip extension  It’s both of those exercises, all in one movement. Kneeling, allows your leg to kick forward a little further, compared to laying on your side.

C) Long standing lunges – A golden oldie. But lunging an extra 6-12 inches further in front, will hit your butt muscles a little harder.

Strength and exercise progression is a deep topic. Which is why there’s an entire module for it on > stage 3.

Nutrition is the only other topic that will take longer to master @ tailoring for YOU.

#2 An S-curvish body type that suits you (I’ll pick one for you from here)

Stick that on all of your devices, as a wallpaper.

Do the same thing with a travel-curvish pic. Because you know you can’t go to those locations, looking like trash in a swimsuit.

#3 Only buy cheat snacks on the day that you’ll eat them. Don’t bulk buy them and store them. Otherwise you’ll eat them (Because you KNOW they’re there). And then you’ll start binge cheating = Fail.
#4 Find a sport or activity that you enjoy doing. You WILL need this… So that you’re not consumed by the S-curve workouts.
#5 Meatless S-curve meals

> This is one that was posted towards the end of 2017.

It’s been long known that you can have a protein, carb and fat meal with no meat present. As you can get some proteins from veggie foods.

You’ll see exactly how you can do this, in the new official foods list that we launched in 2017, on LIVE  update member pages.

I use that every week. As a lot of it was created organically, via real life S-curve experience shenanigans.

You’ll really enjoy that as a new member.

But if you’re like > Angie. Whose been around since 2012-13 and is still active in the community. Then… Stage 4 via More buzz is best for you. As it’ll give you current day updates, such as that new official foods list.

#6 You don’t have to ‘grow so hard’


– We can shrink your waist to make your butt appear bigger.

– We can keep your thighs small, whilst growing your middle/lower butt (Which are the easiest parts of your butt to grow).

Aka… Illusion of the booty. Which is what we first talked about, way back when we created the original No Nonsense Butt Building ebook (Now videos).

Which is still one of the 10-15 routines that you’ll use at some point, during your journey to 60-100% S-curvish.

Remember… You’ll use all of these at some point. But only a select few… At any given time.

#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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