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Buzzers… Monday…

> Last weeks shenanigans… Since I know you switch off a little on weekends. Like…

My own weekend did indeed look like a version of an S-curve experience weekend, that many on here are living.

But it’s the start of a new week. So let’s get into it….


Did you find a formula that made you look as you desired. And made you feel great @ living life…?


The same as 2013…?

If the answer is no to both. Then… You need to make a change.

You either do something radically different. Or just do what you KNOW you’re supposed to do.

For most… That means, getting outside help.

A) The first step, is finding a ‘source’ that creates the kind of outcome you’re looking for.

B) The next step… Is connecting with whoever or whatever that is. And for you to trust them 100%. And they need to have YOUR back 100% too.

It’s going to be another week of living S-curvishly within the S-curve experience. So let’s kick start the week with some…

Blueprint tips…

#1 Let me start by giving you the formula @ getting outside help…

I) Do a total review of your lifestyle (Or get someone to do it for/with you).

II) Find a picture of your ideal body type/goal. And keep it in a place, where you’ll have no choice but to see it daily (Or just join in on one of the @fitbuzz social media feeds).

III) Set a ‘plan’ and follow through.

> No BS ‘diets’, detox’s or whatever temporary other s***

Do that… And you’ll win.

If you are failing (@ any area in your life). It’s because you are NOT setting a plan. You’re just wasting precious time, year in, year out.

Problem solved..

#2 What the fudge happened to the newsletter example S-curve meals?

You don’t need to see them any more…

(Examples are posted to the shenanigans album on the FB profile below, between Mon-Thurs though).

As the only thing you need to start with, is the protocol S-curve meal structure via > Morebuzz. In fact…

Everything that’s needed to ‘start’, can be found there.

But… The S-curve formula really kicks into gear, once you get your LIVE update member page and start 121 chat sessions on Messenger (Hate FB? Just get the Messenger app only). As things will change as you progress on the way to success. Especially after the 45-60 day mark.

If your ‘trust levels’ are high enough at that point. Then… Do not stop your set plan…OK!

#3 Got unique food finds or cheat snack pics? Send them in… Just like > Iris and Shawn
did over the weekend.

There’s a place for all food types. Which was re-confirmed in this years official food lists.

(Current members or past members with 2017 stage 4 updates… Check your member pages to see it).


Yup… This Monday is indeed a ‘tell it how it is’ kinda day. The real magic begins when you…

Add below (First). Reply (Second).


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