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Back in this post, I talked about HIT. Running up hills to be specific, which is great for fat loss. But I’m here to talk about building muscle (Especially for all you hard gainers out there). And today I’m going to share with you the one dominating factor that will allow you to succeed in your weightlifting and muscle mass building efforts.

If you’ve ever read any books by Roger Hamilton, you will know that he speaks strongly about ‘critical moments’. These are moments where you make a deal make or a deal breaker decision which in turn will have a serious impact on your life from that moment on.

The overdrive concept is similar in nature to that. Overdrive is when you reach that critical moment in which you either break down and quit, or where you,

Stop thinking about ‘just giving enough’ to succeed and start thinking about giving it your ALL!

The outcome in both scenarios is controlled by your mindset. As the classic saying goes…

‘Your body is a temple’

However, your body is still a puppet to the puppet master, which is your mindset and how you think. It is a similar mindset that allows those in martial arts to break bricks with their bare hands. Once you enable the overdrive mindset, you will start to succeed at those tough fitness challenges you are facing and begin to succeed at many other things in your life, such as work or raising kids.

I’ve had many personal encounters with the overdrive mindset and 99% of the time that I’ve succeeded with it, I’ve realized that ALL of us humans are actually quite lazy. We tend to want to do ‘just enough’ to obtain what we wish to achieve.

This is the same reason why P90x isn’t for every one, because almost everyone will not have the overdrive mindset, hence the reason why they won’t achieve.

Controlling The Overdrive Mindset

Aka Grow With Baby Steps

Like I mentioned above, I’ve faced quite a few examples of when I used overdrive.

The First

  1. Age 13 – Cross country races.
  2. Always came 3rd or 2nd place.
  3. I stepped out of my lazy comfort zone used overdrive and gave it my all in the last few 100 meters.

The result = First place.

That example will stick with me for life, because I just remember always coming 2nd to those guys. Then one day I just said ‘f**k it… I’m going all out’. And in an instant I beat those guys at the last hurdle. And the reaction from the crowd, the trainer, and the two guys that would usually kick my ass was…


I think I actually shocked myself at the time too.

That’s overdrive!

However, as the years went on and as I began to get a little more life experience under my belt I found that overdrive certainly has its pros. But it certainly has its cons too.

The Second

  1. Age 17
  2. 100m Sprint Training
  3. 6 weeks of training (from nothing) – Increased my time from 12. 8secs to 11.1secs

Wow. Now time to up the ante

I begin to do press up position sprint starts (Great for increasing your explosive block speed), then a few sessions later I became too fast for my own good. My left shoulder pops out (partial dislocation) and then it slips back in (I had never felt anything like that before). A few moments later, I raise my hands over my head.


Full dislocation = worst day ever!

My left shoulder was dislocated and out of it’s socket for at least 15 minutes before finding a way to get in back in (read this post to learn how).

That right there is a life lesson to all who are reading this. Introduce some overdrive into your bodybuilding life… yes! But make sure that you take baby steps. Move with the pace of a tortoise but at the speed of a hare.


When you find rapid success or just a technique that works really well for you, test and tweak it for a while before storming off onto the next thing. By doing so you’ll be able to avoid injury unlike I did.

However, I am a bit of a ‘flash kinda dude’ that may get excited from time to time. Hence the reason I dislocated both shoulders, the 2nd time from jet skiing (No more overdrive for me there I’m afraid).

That about wraps it up for my blabber-talk on overdrive, lazy people and mindsets, and I’ll probably touch on this again sometime soon. But for now here is a nice overdrive example.

See you in the comments.

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