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Buzzers… Friday…

So yesterday… I mentioned that at some point in the past… I stopped going to the gym (For about 10 months).

This was from May 2016 to March 2017.

But why did I stop?Well… At the time. > Travel-curvish was heating up. And a lot of FitBuzzers and S-curve members were becoming more involved. Due to being inspired by my own Travel-curvish trips too.

Naturally… They wanted to do the same.

That is…

Become S-curvish and ‘live it up’ in your new bod, on those trips.

Those trips really are the best thing ever.

However… It’s not easy to maintain an S-curvish physique, if you enjoy yourself, the way I know that you will, whilst on those trips.

The solution… Is to become at least 70-80% S-curvish. And to then, slow it down with the workouts… And then to focus on eating S-curvishly more/consistently.

That way… You’ll never lose your results.

I wanted to prove that it could be done. So… I backed off from the gym. I did it… Up until the point, where I started to see my ideal physique, fading way.

What happened?Thanks to social media… You can just see how my body changed, in all of my naturally taken pics on Facebook.

I have a high metabolism. So usually, it’s hard for me to keep muscle mass. But at the time that I stopped going to the gym. I already had quite a lot of mass.

I of course… Kept on eating S-curvishly. So I actually gained more mass.

But… I also gained a lot of fat too. As I wasn’t consistently sticking to the S-curve meal structure fat intake rules. And… You’ll gradually gain more fat, if you’re less physically active.

So that happened.

So yes… You can become S-curvish and slow it down physically.

But you can never abandon working out, permanently. But long enough… To enjoy suite duper TC2.0 trips regularly for a while, without the fear of losing it all.

Which is why we came up with the Lifestyle phase > Less intense ($150 a month is what works well for most peoples schedules though).

WTF is Travel-curvish though?

2.0 to be specific …

– A place that looks like > this or > this.

– But less popular .

– 2-3 hours away from your home (By plane usually).

– 2-4 day trips (Usually a long weekend).

That’s pretty much it.

Why?– To properly ‘come up for air’. And not just 1-2 hours during the day. Less ‘device’ activity too.

– For the pics/vids.

– Because it’s the best thing ever.

And it’s becoming the most popular content related posts via our social media channels. Just take a look to see why.

That’s all for today. I live inside 121 chats at present, because of the coaching sessions with S-curve members.

So I’ll be there if you need me.


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