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This is basically a plug to the upcoming article.

Bodybuilding Injury Prevention Part 2

But also a chance to break away from the usual post.

I have conversations with many of you in the surrounding communtities at

During one discussion, which came about from posting this photo

From a recent popular photo album (Motivation/ Inspiration), the topic of weightlifting injury prevention came up. As you can see, the exercise that is being performed above is the barbell squat. But if you are not careful and do not follow the rules of correct exercise form, you may just have this happen to you…

Ouch!!! Shocker!!!

Yes, I literally screamed out loud when I watched this, which was post by Sean Knowles (A member of the Facebook community). Now, if you have been following this site, you will know that I constantly state that the no.1 reason why people stop working out is caused by injury from performing exercises incorrectly. And which I cover in some detail in the unique bodyweight exercise ebook.

Any how, it was this discussion that re-inspired me to start a part 2 to the bodybuilding injury prevention article.

The complete guide to bodybuilding injury prevention (part 1)

After all, what’s the point of learning how to train insane and live the lifestyle if you don’t know how to train safetly?

Bodybuilding Injury prevention is No.1!!! No ifs… no but’s!

Now, let’s point out a few things that may have prevented the above from happening.

1) He should have had 100% support from his gym buddies when lifting the bar.

2) He should NOT be walking with the weight! The only time you should move with this exercise is in execution phase. His buddies should have helped him get into position and then free themselves from the weight once he is good to go.

3) He could have used the right equipment. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t take a risk. Some injuries are hard and sometimes impossible to come back from. For ths exercise he could have used aparatus that supports a barbell and squat with that. At least to get the form right.

Any how, I’ll cover this in more detaili in

The complete guide to bodybuilding injury prevention (part 2)

Which I’ll post 2 weeks from now. So be ready for that.

Other news

I always try my best to keep the site new and fresh with exciting posts and events. More video interviews will be on the way soon and there are some new upcoming surprises for you all. Just know that everything that I have planned WILL make your bodybuilding lifestyle ROCK. When it does, don’t blame me if your friends become jealous of your constant daily smiles 🙂 That’s enough ranting from me. Enjoy your weekend Buggers.

See you in the comments.

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