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It really has been a quick, intense an eventful year since starting Stay-Fit Bug back in July 2009. And man… have things changed.

Lets observe:

– 3 Website Design Changes (From July to August – in just 6 weeks)

(This is design 2 and 3. No.1 was just a basic design)

Which made the site a lot more usable and the information very easy to find, which I now know is appreciated by many of you as you have come out of your way to let me know directly. In fact, you deserve a direct mention…

  • Nikki Floodz
  • Brody (Brodybro1)
  • Natalie Minh (You can see her video interview here)
  • Janet Darbey (Check out her nutritional Greek guest post here)
  • Jack Goodwin Jones
  • Kris Lynn (Beach body queen!)
  • Nicholas Williams
  • Bill Pairaktaridis (Top commentator reaping all the top commentator rewards)
  • Brighteyes05 (Wishes to keep her real name anonymous)
  • Sudipto Ghosh (Met a few weeks back and has seen great muscle building progress taking my train insane advice – you might even see his progress here soon.
  • Ryan Lund (of

And others…

You know who are. I’ll be here all day if I carry on. Either way, it’s great to know that the site serves a purpose of being a great place to visit and re-visit again and again. But as I’ve mentioned before, I’ll always look for ways to keep on improving.

– The Introduction Of Two Great Ebooks

  • I blogged
  1. Effective 6pac building techniques
  2. Unique bodyweight exercises
  • You responded
  • I listened

And from that came the creation of these two ebooks:

Build A 6 Pac: From Flab To Flat

Build A 6 Pac: From Flab To Flat

The Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook

The Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook

The response has been great so far, but as usual I will be creating new and updated versions of these ebooks. In fact, you will be receiving an email soon about version 3.0 of the Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook. But this will be more than just a plain old update. Make sure you sign up to receive that email, because what ever we create from there on will truly make a difference in your bodybuilding lifestyle. That much I can guarantee!

– The Introduction Of Video Interviews

Why did I choose to focus on video interviews?

Well, I am far from camera shy. In fact, I love getting in front of the camera. I get to analyze my flaws face on and improve them on the fly (Which is something you should also be doing in your workouts).

Any how, I chose to focus on video interviews because they are authentic, insightful and inspiring.

  • Text speaks…
  • Pictures speak 1000 times text
  • And video speaks to the world

So video is the no brainer, as my intention with anything I do is to get a message across to the masses.

The video interviews so far

It’s only been a couple of months since introducing them and the production values are constantly being approved upon. But if there is anyone you would like me to interview, or if there is anyone you know of personally who you think would bring truly valuable insights to the audience here, just drop me a line at [email protected] Alternatively, you can reach out to me on the social networks.

There have been some other changes around the site. But nothing that would excite you too much. Just know that they are changes that make life that much better while you Stay Fit reading/ watching/ communicating on the Bug.

Uber Amounts Of Bodybuilding Daily Digest

A/k/a Content!

It’s obvious that the sites content will grow as time passes us all. But many of you would have entered the life of Stay-Fit Bug throughout different stages of the site. Meaning that there will be a lot of content that you will miss. Because of that, I have decided to list some of the stand out articles throughout the past year. That way, nobody misses out 🙂


July 12th: Rock, Hip hop or Pop music for improving your workout?

July 17th: Maintaining muscle mass while having sex

July 23rd: How to increase your metabolism

July 31st: Effective 6pac building techniques

August 1st: The Chicken Legs Syndrome

August 5th: 8 Ways to build great forearms (eliminate chicken limbs)

August 7th: Shower at home or Shower at the gym?

August 10th: How to drink alcohol and workout effectively

August 27th: Stay-Fit Bug | Killer Foods for Fitness (part 1)

August 28th: Gym Etiquette: Follow These Rules or Else

August 31st: Forget About The Gym! Play Rockband and Guitar Hero For Fitness

September 1st: The Art of Building a Bigger Butt

September 6th: Getting Your Girl To Do Yoga Will Lead To Better Sex

September 14th: How To Build Muscle Mass With A High Metabolism?

September 17th: Unique bodyweight exercises

September 23rd: Building Muscles for Tall Men vs Building Muscles for Short Men

September 30th: Not Happy With Your Muscle Building Results? Then Workout Like A Barbarian!

October 8th: 10 Great Protein Shake Recipes For Your Weightlifting Workouts

October 9th: 10 Quick Protein-Packed Meals For Your Weightlifitng Workouts

October 15th: Unique Backyard Exercises For Building Muscle Fast

October 20th: The Super Hero Workout – The Weightlifting Exercises

October 27th: Plateau Busters – The Weightlifting Workout

November 3rd: 12 Best Foods to Burn Fat and Build Muscle For Your Abs

November 6th: How To Build A Muscular Back (Part 1)

November 16th: 8 Reasons to Have A Bodybuilding Girlfriend

November 18th: Weightlifting Workout Gear – PowerBlocks

December 8th: How to Develop Great Bodybuilder Skin

December 10th: How To Build Your Small Muscle Groups (Part1)

December 21st: How Bodybuilding Will Help You Get Over Your ‘X’ Partner


January 8th: 3 Day Split Weightlifting Routine

January 14th: 5 Water ‘Alternatives’ For Your Bodybuilding Routines

January 25th: 7 Stress Beating Foods (A Day In The Life At Work)

February 1st: Shock Body Exercise Variations

February 4th: Bodybuilding Mantra’s I Chose – Just For You

February 12th: The Most Important Bodybuilding Supplement… EVER!

February 15th: The Only Exercise That Will Truly Test Your Strength

February 16th: Why Hardgainer Bodybuilders Need Tailor-made Wardrobes

February 18th: The Ultimate Shock Bodybuilding Supplement

February 22nd: Why You Should Get Your Girl To Be A ‘Sexy’ Bodybuilder

February 25th: 15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

March 3rd: The Most Innovative And Dangerous Bodybuilding Exercise… Ever

March 8th: Why You Need To Workout Like A Gymnast

March 16th: Radiator Rippled Abs – Workout #1

March 19th: Don’t Be A Spoon Fed Bodybuilder

March 22nd: 8 Great Famous Bodybuilding Bodies From 8 of Your Favorite Sports (Unisex)

March 29th: The Most Important ‘BEST’ Bodybuilding Supplement… EVER!

April 5th: The Only Way To Train Is To Train Insane

April 12th: Exercise Tweak – The Incline Dip

April 13th: Relax Your Muscles With Radox Herbal Bath Muscle Soak After A Workout

May 1st: Bodybuilding Resources

May 4th: 4 Top Destinations for Workout ‘FUN’

May 13th: Unique Functional Strength Exercises

May 17th: The Ultimate ‘Done For You’ Bodybuilding Regime (INDIAN)

May 19th: Find Hardgainer Bodybuilding Success with: Tweak and Repeat

May 24th: Building Muscle For Bulk Is Un-sexy/ Build ‘Ripped’ Muscles Instead

May 25th: How Shaun Sinclair Has Built Muscle As A Hardgainer

May 27th: Hardgainers vs Easygainers | Building Muscle

June 3rd: Do Not Be A Stiff Bodybuilder

June 7th: 15 Minute Workout For A Few Hours Pump

June 10th: 11 Of The Best World Cup 2010 Footballer Bodies

June 21st: The Complete Guide To Unique Outdoor Exercises (Warning! Designed For The Insane)

June 28th: The ‘DONE-FOR-YOU’ Hardgainers Workout Routine Plan/ Meal Plan

July 2nd: The Complete Guide To Bodybuilding Injury Prevention

July 5th: You Need To Lose Fat First To Build Muscle!

July 9th: The Top 8 Reasons Why You’re Scrawny And The Other Dude Is Not!

Check out the archives for those who truly wish to dig a little deeper.

Like I said in the beginning, the journey will become a lot more adventourous with time… and it has. But it’s still only the beginning.

Here’s to another great year of Stay-Fit Bugging

To all our bodybuilding successes…

Bugs out!

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