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Appropriate athletic gear can make all of the difference when working out. If you are going for a run or working through a strength routine, it is important to be comfortable. If you are too cold, too hot or just generally uncomfortable you are likely to cut your workout short. You are much more apt to stick with an exercise and training routine if you enjoy it and you have a better chance of enjoying it if you are comfortable. Make sure to outfit yourself with the proper athletic gear, carried by SweatVac Performance Wear, to stay cool, dry and fit.


When deciding on the type of shirt to wear when exercising or playing a sport, try to choose something that is not made of cotton. Choose garments that are made of microfiber or polyester, instead. These materials are referred to as “dri-fit” and act to wick away sweat. This keeps you dryer and warmer in the colder months and keeps you from becoming sweat-drenched in the warmer months. These shirts are also lighter and more comfortable, reducing the heaviness and itchiness that sometimes accompanies cotton tee shirts.


Choosing the right style of shorts for working out or running depends on preference and gender. Most males prefer longer, loose fitting gym shorts. However, it is becoming more common to choose shorts that offer a little bit more support and are slightly shorter to allow for unrestricted movement. Look for shorts made of lightweight materials to create more breathability and air flow. Women tend to prefer a tighter, spandex option for workout bottoms. This may come in the form of shorts or knee length tights. Make sure to choose materials that are moisture-wicking and will keep you dry and comfortable for the duration of your workout.


Outerwear becomes increasingly important for activities performed outdoors during cold or wet weather. Having the proper outer layer can ensure that you stay warm, dry and protected from the threatening elements. Don’t let cold temperatures, snow or rain prevent you from staying fit. When selecting gear, choose something that is durable and waterproof and that is going to keep out any wind or water that is present during your workout.


The comfort and success of your workout can be greatly increased by possessing the proper accessories. This includes things such as socks, hats and gloves. Hats are an attractive option during a day when it is raining or when the sun is bright and potent. It provides protection in both of these instances. Choosing a high quality athletic sock will reduce the risk of blisters and chaffing. Gloves, headbands and beanies are crucial to remaining active outdoors during the winter.

Be selective when deciding which gear to purchase for your athletic endeavors. The right gear will help you feel better and train harder. Protecting yourself from the harsh elements and the threats that come with an active lifestyle will keep you healthy and happy. Use these tips when purchasing a wardrobe for your active side.

SweatVac Performance Wear provides clothes and accessories that help maximize athletic performance. You can follow us on Twitter for more news on athletic wear.

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