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Buzzers… Saturday…

One thing I learned last year. Is that… Even though the internet is a major part of our lives today. There is
still a separation between the online and offline worlds.
And meeting people face to face everyday. I get to see that people are still uninformed on how to fix their
body. Despite there being so much info out there.
– There are a lot of different ‘movements’ around.
– Part of the reason could be that people are confused.
– They don’t know who to listen to.
– They tried a ton of random stuff. Not understanding what should be right for ‘them’.
– They’re simply not ‘internet’ people (Which is a good thing in some ways). So they’re not open to anything
that’s out there.
– Or they’re curious (When they see stuff… Like on this newsletter), but busy @ life.
I would guess that YOU… Fall into that last point.
I always put myself in your shoes, as you know. So I also know what it’s like to be an outsider, looking into an industry that looks interesting (It’s finance shenanigans for me right now… And has been for some years. Not a total newbie though… As it came up as entire subjects throughout college/Uni life).
Understand that’s it’s OK to feel that way.

So right now… You probably look at the @fitbuzz bodies and wonder… If it’s possible to achieve for YOU.

You might look at some TC or TC2.0 pics and wonder when you can start to go on trips to places like those.
It’s all do-able. Very!
– We can make your body change instantly.
– We can put you in TC2.0 mode instantly.
2-3 week TC trips are a challenge though. As everyone has other responsibilities to attend to.
Like I said this week though.
– The > hall of famers
– The > associates you see on @fitbuzz social
It’s great to look at. And they are a part of the S-curve formula @ motivation shenanigans. Just remember… That you are building the best version of YOU.
And… I will always show you a body type, that is similar to yours, that has been fixed.

Thank goodness for stages 1-4 and the experiments 

You have all started to speak out recently.
That is… With us being open, leading the way, by wearing our hearts on our sleeves. You have started to
share your struggles.
Some of what I hear is crazy. Everyone has a very different situation.
Either way… The fact is… There NEEDS to be different entry points @ becoming an active S-curve member.
And to not just throw you into an 18 month auto-payment set up on day one.
So here are your options again, before we RECAPO tomorrow.
– > Updated stages
– > Experiment #1
– > Experiment #2
And remember… Don’t let time pass you by for another year. You won’t get the time back. And you’ll be late again for another year @ no reversals.
You have no choice but to see others around you, take action and win. Especially the younger adults.
So get in there!

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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