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Providing a ton of it, over the years. Is the reason why our first S-curve program exploded. Circa 2012.
This of course… Started with pics and vids… Via official/unofficial partners S-curve members and associates. That you see on all of our platforms and/or websites.
That still continues on today.
And today YOU now have the opportunity to become that person. And make a living from doing so.
1. Becoming S-curvish. On your own or with > our help.
2. To share your own stuff. Or the S-curve program. Which is easy for you. Since you went through the program your self… With success.
Now… It is true. That motivation isn’t best thing for you to focus on.
Goals are. Which is what is set, once you become a member. Which is why everyone succeeds at such a high rate @ #Scurveformula shenanigans.
But motivation is needed. Because it moves and gets you off your ass.
I mean… Just look at how many of you respond to these newsletter messages and insta/FB stories.
So ya… Motivation isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.
And if you’ve been getting ‘motivation’ from our Messenger messages. Just make sure you click through to these newsletter links, in those messages.
As you’ll see the pics and vids here now.
Simply because we can’t send those inside Messenger any more @ FB rules.
The biggest motivator of all though. Is…

Travel-curvish 2.0

Just scan through the most recent Insta mini blog posts to see why this is.
And for those of you who are into the ‘business’ side of things, here in S-curve world. Travel-curvish 2.0 is important… Especially for YOU!
Because more often than not… YOU are working harder/more… Than the average person. With the pay off, being more freedom to do what you want with your days.
However… It will often mean that you won’t be able to take long trips away @ 1-2 weeks.
It’s not that you can’t. It’s just that your ‘focus’ won’t let you. Because it’s that focus that causes/caused you to win in your business endeavours in the first place.
And so… Travel-curvish 2.0 to the rescue.
– 2-4 day trips
– 2-4 hours away from home
– There’s an awesome, yet less popular destination… Wherever you are located in the world.
Done. Message or reply in the comments.
Oh… And be sure to dig into the archives to view the previous newsletters. All of them will help you within the S-curve Xperience. 


'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @maayan__peri

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @maayan__peri

'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @victoria_ifbb

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @victoria_ifbb

S-curvish #bikergirl moments @marianny1616

S-curvish #bikergirl moments @marianny1616


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