Some interesting facts about using steroids at the Olympics

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– Dora Ratjen at the Olympics in 1936

Dora Ratjen jumped up to the Olympics in 1936. She was from Germany. And how did she cheat? That’s funny. Dora, in fact, was Hermann. She was a man.

Hermann was forced to strangle the genitals so the genitals could not be seen during the competition and look discreetly as a woman. But it was quite useless, because the three women still jumped better than Hermann and he finished fourth. So no medals for Nazi Germany.


– Ben Johnson’s runner steroids

100 meters cross-country races were as popular in the 1980s as they are today Especially at the time when American star Carl Lewis and Canadian Ben Johnson were fighting against each other. It was also at the time everyone took steroids. Yes, even Carl Lewis. But some of them did smart and some stupid – like Ben Johnson. At the Olympics in 1988, he won a gold medal at 100 meters, and Carl Lewis was beaten for a nice piece in 9.79 seconds. From the beginning everyone was told that he had a completely yellow white eye, as he was bold. It was then proved that Ben Johnson lost the medal, and at the Olympics game started to be checked for steroids stricktly.


– East German Olympians

How does a country that has only 17 million inhabitants get fourty gold medals in four years? The answer is simple. Drugs. Lots of drugs. Very popular was boldenon. In the 1970s and 1980s, East Germany was invincible and feared by such countries as the US or the Soviet Union. But the problem was that thousands of athletes from the eastern part of Germany were compulsorily steroids from sports federations. The local Communists simply wanted the East of Germany to defeat the West. For a good PR. A lot of athletes took the steroids unknowingly.They thought it was just vitamins.

Problems began only later – hormonal changes, damage to various organs.


– Spaniards on paralympics

Do you remember that South Park episode in which Cartman pretended to be retarded to get on the paralympics? It was not so much a fiction, because something like that really happened. At the Paralympic in 2000, the Spanish Basketball Team won a gold medal, which was then taken away when one investigative journalist found that 12 players in the team had no mental retardation at all and only pretended to be paralympic.

People are inventive so they figured out how to go through the doping test. You can read something about this here:

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  1. Jon says:

    Surprised you didn’t include Russia with their huge fiasco in 2016 and even the issues going on now. It’s insane to think it is state-sponsored, but they deny it of course.

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