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Buzzers… Halloween weekend…

– Movies like the new Thor and Saw (Jig-saw)
– The return of TV shows like Stranger ThingsThe Walking Dead and Mr. Robot
– Travel-curvish 2.0 hiking trips

I personally love it all. And I did catch up on TV shows this weekend. Whilst having a ‘nutrition only

focused’ weekend (Which you will do too whenever you officially start/re-start).

All of that is fun stuff. And we can indeed explore and enjoy it all, because of the ‘simpleness’, of the current

day main S-curve program.

– Laptop/iPad
– Just YOU present… When mobile (Any near by gym)
– Just YOU present… And ankle weights (Any local gym) when at home

That’s the only things that are needed. At any given time.

You can work, workout, hang or chill. You are free and flexible as a bird in the sky.

The place that you saw me in on Friday. Was a sports center, with a gym, with an open roof top and closed

bar, with a view and TV screens (Nice sound system too).

Which made for a perfect #TGIFcheatnight location.

Note: Remember to send your pics across, on the Fridays that you do them. And ya… That’ll be the hash tag.

Did you celebrate Halloween?

It’s a big deal to some. And not so much to many.

But since we’re a global audience here. We get to feel the impact that this event has on the world every year.

And it definitely heats the world up. There’s parties everywhere. Along with a social media take over.

And of course… We’ve had some halloween cosplay posts on our own social media accounts too, via our

associates/peers. So give those a look, via More buzz.

And if you dressed up. Then send your pics across too :).

We’re going to kick start the week strong and fresh tomorrow. So use > this page to catch up on this past

weeks newsletters, if you missed anything.

As usual… Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.

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