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Buzzers… Choose ‘today’…
Christmas is right around the corner. And the vibe for many… Is that it’s that Thanksgiving feeling all over again (If you celebrated it).I personally think Christmas and TG is all about the build up. Not so much the special day itself.

– The movie releases
– The parties
– Looking back at the past years shenanigans
– Catching up with people

None of that stuff happens in one day.

And over the next 2 weeks. It is once again, about lapping up the festive season munchies.

I already know some of you are getting ready to start on stage 1-4. So you’ll be more cautious about the munchies. Like > Shawn from the podcast (We’ll get back to that soon enough).

As she still prepares her family meals with the S-curve meal structure in mind + Yesterday’s cheat snacking explanation.

But the main thing about embracing the munchies. Is to fill your guts with varied nutrients. As you’ll probably get busy once the new year kicks in.

But once it does… Just remember that these shenanigans should be embraced throughout the year.

– On TC 2.0 trips
– At festivals
– BBQ’sWhich is of course, all lifestyle phase stuff.

Let’s continue on with reminder blueprint tips from the 2017 newsletters from earlier in the year…

#1 Lack of control, in regards to fat intake, is what’s getting you into trouble. There is of course a process to solving this as an active member. But the first thing you need to keep in mind is this…

– Your current unfocused total daily fat intake, will be about 120 grams (Mono/poly and saturated).

– The epic butt/tiny waist S-curvish + soft lean intake, is about 40-50 grams of mono/poly fats only.

– The easiest way to keep your fat levels that low, is to eat nutrient dense nuts (walnuts, pecan, macadamia) and seeds (hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, chia). As it’s very easy to control how much of those you eat with each mouthful.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks is when you’ll eat those.

#2 You’ll want to avoid shrunk butt syndrome as much as possible, on your journey to becoming S-curvish. It’s all about controlling what you do outside of your S-curve workouts.The easiest way to prevent it, is by taking up activities that only have you active for 30-45 minutes max. Swimming, boxing, badminton and cycling. Are some S-curve program faves.

#3 Workout stuff

> Don’t hold your breath during sets. Breathe. You’re killing your rep numbers by not breathing.

> Pull ups, bench press… Relax, don’t tense up and always look ‘up’. You’ll do more reps @ mind control.

#4 This is for those of you who already look S-curvishly great… But want even more shred

-curvish arms.

> Focus on laying barbell tricep extensions. They are arguably ‘the’ most effective variation.

> Choose a weight that you can do 10 normal reps with.
> Set 1 = Super reps x 8 (Where you count down 5 seconds throughout the rep).
> Set 2 = Super reps x 6 with an isolation hold on each one.
> Set 3 = Any weight that you can push for 15 ‘normal’ reps.

This is something we do every now and again, for 1-2 weeks at a time, on your LIVE update member  page. ‘When’… Will be different for everyone. And it might be something totally different for some @ you might not even end up doing that at all.
But all of this stuff boosts results.
Christmas is here. But there’s definitely is no slow down behind the scenes! So…

Message first. Reply second. And > More buzz to see everything.


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