Size matters… Or does it?

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Buzzers… Thursday…


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I’ll get into todays headline shortly. But let me tell you why we change the plan every 4-6 weeks @ stage 3 via > More buzz.

– To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

– So that we can track progress properly and learn what to do next. It’s all based around your daily

life shenanigans… So it will be kinda unpredictable. Which is why we evolved into LIVE update
member pages in 2016.

– To keep you excited for the month(s) ahead

Yup… That’s ‘the’ best part of what we’ve built the S-curve experience to be, to-date.

– To look forward to 60% S-curvish (And beyond)
– To look forward to your push up numbers going up
– To look forward to TC2.0 trips

And best of all… It’s all guaranteed to happen!

You’ve seen that ‘guarantee’ on here with past offline members. And online members too. It’s all the same regardless of where you are @ doing this.

That’s partly the reason why you’re seeing the posts you’re seeing via @fitbuzz social media accounts. Because it shows…

– What you can look forward to (Physique goals, TC2.0 destinations…)
– What past and current members did/are doing in their ‘look forward to’ shenanigans (Which you can see via the new FB albums now)

Looking forward to… Is why there are stages 1-4.

It’s a super good thing to look forward to being on stage 4. Because you are at your most successful state at that stage.

Again… It’s guaranteed. I personally wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t guarantee the success that you’ll see. Not after all these years. So yes… If you are excited on day one, you have a good reason to be.

Looking forward to butt growth

Yup… You all now know it’s much more than just the butt (The new message on the FB messenger sign up that you may have seen this year).

However… There’s not one female who doesn’t want to improve upon, what they currently have.

Some words regarding that…

First (Size matters.. Or does it?)

You should never compare yourself to what you see on others. Understand that you’ll have YOUR best butt.

What will be universally the same, regardless of who you are, is…

– ‘Soft lean’
– Tiny waist
– No more lower back fat


You know about going long term. And this year, we’ve re-emphasised the fact that the S-curve formula is built like a university course. You must complete the stages along the way.

Like… You can’t do advanced exercise variations without going through the strength and exercise

progression module.

These are ‘high end’ program shenanigans. Which isn’t easy to succeed with on your own.

And going through those stages, is what will allow your butt (Or other body parts) to change, in a big way.


How fast you want to achieve that is up to you. I’ve watched enough members now, to know that it will vary from person to person. Which is what > yesterday’s newsletter is all about.


Your body will react in weird ways if you stay on a lifestyle phase for the long term. This may include a butt shrinkage, like > Pam and Alicia. That WILL cause a hissy fit.

The best way to avoid that, is to throw some solid results phases into your 12-18 month/1-5 year journey.

Because the results that you achieve here, are results that you get to keep. Unless…

– You start drinking alcohol every night
– Cheat binging every day
– Zero physical activity

Which of course, you won’t do. Ha.


Stage 1-4… It’s called a ‘formula’ for a reason.

And at the core of it… All the little tricks that have been implemented, keep you on the wagon. And keeps you excited about the near and long term future.

Here’s to anticipating another exciting year ahead (Wine glass emoji goes here).


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