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Buzzers… Sunday…

My relaxation weekend continues. I didn’t have a TC2.0 weekend. But gosh… Those weekends are indeed
needed. The original 2-3 week Travel-curvish goal can happen less.

It’s all about TC2.0. But if I did do a trip. It would have looked > like this for this weekend.


It’s time to recap

Bringing back these RECAPO newsletters on a Sunday, has been good. As it allows me to check the flow of

things. Which is why we used to do it in the first place. And is even more important now, since we cover more
topics within the lifestyle.

> Let’s go


This newsletter was the detailed explanation of yesterday’s conclusion. So make sure you save that in your


And of course, we discussed some S-curve food shenanigans. Which is the #1 area that most people will be

getting help with. Which relates to tomorrow’s (kinda important) newsletter. So make sure you tune in!


It doesn’t matter what ‘plan’ you set @ Mondays newsletter. That’s just what you need to do when approaching

things with the goal of succeeding.

But of course. We had to go through what that plan looks like here, in S-curve world. So again. Bookmark

worthy. Which relates to the 2nd part of tomorrows newsletter.


Gosh… Again… Soooo related to tomorrow’s newsletter. I did not predict this, as every newsletter is LIVE and

in the moment, based on discussions that happen the day before.

The main message on this day, was to enjoy your lifestyle phase fun moments. That’s the phase you’ll be on

most of the time as a long term member.


…And Wednesday, had some cool blueprint tips. But on this day… We covered the reasons for/against auto

payments, as a long term member. I KNOW that you can relate @ what was discussed there!


This relates to tomorrow’s newsletter a little. But the main message here, is that the physical results that you

get, are part scientific.

Which means you’re going to win at some level. As long as you follow the formula that’s given to you.


The Travel-curvish 2.0 challenge has officially started. So send your pics across whenever you take a 2-3 day

TC2.0 trip that’s 1-3 hours away from your home city.

And of course… Some good old blueprint tips were covered @ back to basics. I’ll keep throwing them at you,

because the list is long. And because you’ll forget because of that.

You’ll use all of the tips at some point, over an 18 month time period.


Enjoy the rest of the weekend. It’s all guns blazing tomorrow.

> Morebuzz… Reply and/or message to talk. Because the stuff that we talk about, will be
further discussed in the newsletter.


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