Shredding to smexy… Without losing your shirt

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Buzzers… Saturday…

This week

Just to recap before we RECAPO properly tomorrow…

Hopefully you can now see why going long term and NOT… Cutting corners and just ‘winging it’, on your own… Is the best thing you can possibly do. If real results (especially fast) is the goal.

I’d prefer that of you too @ long term. So that we can actually focus on the fun stuff. Just look at @fitbuzz social profiles. Seriously. I’d rather be there with a ‘successful YOU’, than deal with your struggling and broken self.

Remember… Long term doesn’t have to mean 18 months straight. Which I explained in these > scenarios.


Most who start on here, need to shred into an S-curve physique.

Yes… There are plenty of >Yani’s around @ becoming S-curvish. But there’s more > Pam’s for sure.

So how do you shred to smexy, without losing your natural boobs, butt or any other body part that you like on the current ‘you’?

Well… The ‘shred trigger’ is simple. It’s all about bodyweight movements rather than slow-go cardio.

If you’re struggling to trigger. Then that’s partly the reason why.

That’s the issue that the lady from yesterday had. Like… Struggling for 2 years straight, by being stubborn and doing things on your own.

That time should be spent in the fun parts of the experience.


We’ve established that it’s all about bodyweight movements.

The problem is… Everyone’s bodies will respond differently to the initial or long term shred shenanigans.

The lady above lost boob size fast.

> This lady lost zero cleavage. And her plan was almost identical.

So the solution… Is all about 121 coaching. Gauging your results daily, every few days, or weekly.

– The more frequent = Fast ‘best’ results
– The less frequent = Slower ‘best’ results

It’s up to you what pace you want to go at, at any given time.

Why 121 chat sessions work?


– We get to react to how your body responds to food and workouts… And change instantly.

– We get to manage those hissy fit moments. Moments that cause most people to quit.

I understand the ‘panic’. As I myself, have a high metabolism. So body parts can change fast. But it’s an unwarranted panic… Once you understand science and real world results.

You don’t need to worry about that of course. You just turn up on the day. And do what’s given to you. And lap up the results.

Just don’t sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else live awesomely. And you’ll see it via social media @fitbuzz pages too.

That just sucks. You are wanted in on this S-curve experience!

So get out of the mental mind trap that you might be stuck in. Let the chains fall off… And set yourself free to start living S-curvishly.

It’s RECAPO tomorrow. So I’ll probably do a part 2 to this newsletter on Monday. Along with some blueprint tips and any other topics that are discussed behind the scenes with FitBuzzers (You).


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the coming months/years).

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