Should you use apps during your fitness regime?

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When it comes to working out, we have a whole range of different methods that we prefer to use or swear by over any other. Some people are dedicated to doing a set routine every day. Other people are convinced that mixing up their activities is the best way to keep in shape. So what about apps? Can they help us to maintain a regime or are they just a silly fad?


One of the key reasons apps can be so beneficial to a workout regime is that they give the user a little personal boost. If you cannot afford a personal trainer for example, having a virtual one downloaded onto your mobile phone can be just the thing you need to keep going. You might choose to think of exercise apps in a similar way to bodybuilding supplements; both help you along your way to an eventual goal.

Research has shown that the tempo of music can affect how hard people work out so if you listen to a faster tempo, you’ll work harder. With that in mind, it makes sense to download an app that will let you develop a playlist of songs designed to help you workout harder. In this respect, apps can be the perfect complement to your regime.

Pointless apps

The problems come in when you see just how many workout assistance apps there are on the market. You can get music playlists, personal trainers, routines, diet plans, the list is endless. How can you plough your way through all the rubbish and get an app that is actually going to assist you?

Most people know the basic principles behind getting fit and healthy, so do they actually need a load of apps to tell them what they already know? Well it depends on how seriously you take your exercise routine. It may be that you know the main points but you want to get more information on specific routines. Perhaps there is a certain body part that you want to target and you need to learn certain exercises to achieve that? Or it may be that you just need some extra motivation to keep you going.


Some apps give you the opportunity to track your progress. You can put in your weight, height, length of time spent working out and the exercises you’ve done. Being able to record all this information can be hugely motivational, particularly if you aren’t feeling up to it one day. Seeing how far you have progressed can be all you need to get back into the routine again.

On top of that, if you have a reminder to work out, you may feel like you’re letting someone down if you skip it. While that someone might actually be a thing, namely your mobile phone, if it gets you taking positive steps to stay healthy, then it can’t be a bad thing can it? You also have a record of your personal achievement to prove to yourself that you can do it and the pain is not for nothing.

This article for Sci-MX sports nutrition was penned by Lauren Sutton, a UK-based journalist who writes across a range of topics including health and fitness.

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