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Buzzers… #TBT…

I’m going to get into some ‘actionable’ S-curve blueprint tips today. Since a lot or our time on here…

Has been spent on educating you, on where things are headed… Here in S-curve world.

Remember though… Because of all this mass content that needs to be covered. We now have the > premium newsletter.


#1 Digests everything for you. In one big weekly update (In digestible segments).

#2 Contains more newsletter content (Since it’s impossible to cover it all, over 7 days @ 600 words max ‘daily’ + Relative website links)… Than that of this free daily newsletter.

This free newsletter… Which itself… Serves more important purposes, than just being a newsletter.

That might be a better or additional option, to becoming an official S-curve member for 1-3 months.

Which is mostly for those who have been a member in the past.



Buzzcoin stuff

For most of you that are interested in the income side of things over there.

In the beginning. It’s all about learning and being prepared. Because it’ll be too late to ‘get ready’. When the market moves upwards.

It’s just like becoming S-curvish. You have to lay the foundation first. Before the real results kick in.

Which is why the > Hallow-curvish theme got launched early – With the next theme coming in…

Right after Thanksgiving/Christmas. Although I’ve started re-talking about that theme already @ therapy/mindset/mental fixing.

These early launches… Are a signal to you. For you to be prepared, ahead of time.

Every year… I make predictions, ahead of future events. And for the past few years. I’ve been right, every time.

So in the name of preparation. For now @ Buzzcoin… You just need to sign up on these two websites.

> One
> Two
Which is also a free way, to start as a member, by doing so! (You’ll need to direct message once you’ve signed up).

S-curve member partner program stuff

This is the next logical step for some S-curve members.

And it makes sense. Because you would have already invested a lot of your time with the S-curve formula.

And if your life has changed for the better, because of it. Why not teach it to the people that were constantly asking you ‘What did you do… How did you do it’? @ your body/mindset change that they witnessed.

This requires 121 FB Messenger coaching of course. And > this is one tool and page you’ll need/to bookmark.

Which you’ll also be taught to use, to it’s full potential. And if you’re a business owner (At any level).

All the hard work has been done for you, from tons of experience @ years past. So just follow my lead.


Quick fire blueprint tips 

#1 No D-F rated foods or fruit, 3-4 hours before you sleep (At any time of the day).

#2 You don’t always need to do complete workouts. Use the Tailored Daily Exercise video or Shorts splits routine (Stuff you see on your member page).

The videos that you see in > What’s trending. That’s there to motivate you… In loads of small doses @ what I said in yesterday’s newsletter (Archive is on Morebuzz).

#3 Specific supplements do help for most people. Especially since most folks are busy here (The main reason why the S-curve formula is structured the way it is @ mobile phone and internet connection is all what’s needed).

This means getting results, with less effort required. So stuff like > Lean bean and proteins > like this are handy to have in your kitchen. To boost the effectiveness of YOUR S-curve meal structure!

‘Specific’ is the key word here.

Head over to FB Messenger to talk with me. On my profile or the FB page.
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