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Buzzers… Thursday…

First… Before we ‘come’ to ‘that’

FitBuzzers and S-curve members are global. YOU… Are from many different countries.

But the goal. Is to do local meet ups. In a setting > like this (To start with), if your country/city has a ‘high enough’ @fitbuzz audience.

Because one part of the S-curve formula’s goal. Is to build super strong relationships with all those involved.

And as you may have seen on my own travels. One of the best ways to do that… Is by sharing experiences together. Which is why TC2.0 is the most exciting part of this S-curve experience.

So watch this space!

She said hurry up and come! 

Well… That can be a good thing or a bad thing @ the humpday meaning (Emoji goes here).

But what I’m getting at there. Is the fact that it seems… That the world has caught up, with the fast changing nature of the internet.

You see… I myself have been in the internet world of ‘things’, since 2000. Got into e-commerce circa 2005 (Which kick started this current day career). And during that time. Things have always changed fast.

The offline world would seldom move as quickly as the internet does.

But today… The world has caught up.

There’s more people on the internet now, than ever before.

In the offline world. We don’t have access to all those people, at the touch of a button.

In internet world. We do. Which is why we’re living in the short attention span era. And why deep connections matter more than ever before.

Because just like the offline world. You can’t just trust any random joe that walks up to you.

S-curve world is in it’s 6th year of existence now (9 years @fitbuzz). And our trust levels keep building stronger, day after day. With all those involved.

This means that new people that find us… Don’t ask as many questions on arrival.

And when they want to get involved. They want us to hurry up and come, with the solution that they need.

This was seen at strength…

At the start of September/End of summer. When a string of new people entered, via FB Messenger on the page.

There was no… ‘Let me think about it’. Or… ‘I need to talk to my partner’ BS.

It was… ”What have you got? Show me. Ok… I’m in”.

So today… I’m going to walk you through what we’ve got, when you see > More buzz. You know. The stuff that you can take action on.

#1 The protocol S-curve meal structure 

Nutrition coaching (To the 90-100% S-curvish level) takes time. And like most things new. You gotta start somewhere.

This is mostly for those who need to build up more trust.

For every other short attention span person. It’s all about…

#2 Stage 1-4

Stage 3 is your best option, if you just want to get right into the business. And to feed what your short attention span wants.

But this is where you go for your mindset, lifestyle and body fix.

– 1 month to noticeable results 
– 3-5 months to 60% S-curvish
– 6-12 months until completely fixed

That’s not easy to do if you’re broken (And on your own). Which is why we exist.

Even with me…

From February 2017 till now. I had to shred my gut, yet keep my bulk (Just scan my FB pics).

I used the S-curve formula of course. But it took 6-9 months to achieve it.

#3 The supplements 

This is where you go to buy them, to be used in conjunction with your S-curve meals. Like whey and casein.

Or to boost your results, once you get to 60% S-curvish @ ingredient focused supplements, like > Instant Knockout.

#4 The Amazon stuff

The stuff you see here… Is the protocol stuff that you’ll need in S-curve world.

You’ll see a lot more… As you consume the stuff that’s trending via this daily newsletter.


That’s it… If you’re new here.

If not… Then we’ve probably already connected. And you know what’s going on. And what went on, in years past.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 More buzz is where everything exists.
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