Shock Bodybuilding Preparation (Part 2)

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Welcome to part two buggers. But before I go on, I think you need a little reminder.

The practices involved with many of the shock body exercise techniques are very similar to those used in HIT (High Intensity training)

  • The similarities
  • Train briefly
  • Train infrequently
  • Train extremely hard
  • No more than 30-40 minute long workouts
  • 3-day rest periods

If you can still train after this time period, then you are not working hard enough. Put your back into it!

There is a very thin line between success and failure and the ability to take yourself to the next level. Only YOU will know if you have the will to break through the success barrier. The battle won’t be an easy one, but to help you long the way, take one of the bodybuilding mantras from last weeks post and stick it everywhere.

  • The Car
  • The fridge
  • The Bedroom wall
  • The desktop background

Because you will need that on the days where you really feel like giving up. This is the one small addition that you will allow you to break through those times of self-doubt and allow you to succeed.

The good news is that if you do manage to succeed, everything there after will seem like a breeze. Still hard… but a breeze nonetheless, because you will be on a confidence high. Belief will be high, and once you begin to believe, anything you put your mind to will become possible.

Anyhow, here’s some more preparation tips.

Training Partners

Select a few spotters


Because your spotters are just like you, they will want to focus on there own muscle building routines and won’t always be present while you perform these exercise techniques.

It will be very easy to try and tell yourself that you don’t need a spotter, which may be true for your normal weightlifting routines. But not for this!

So you either

  • Find a dedicated gym partner
  • Select a few partners from the same gym
  • Or just attend the gym at peak times during the day. Someone will always be around to help.

The Advanced Warm-up

You’ll see many warm up techniques out there, many involve various types of stretches and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The specific warm up I am about to show you will help you enhance performance, which is exactly what you’ll need for these shock body exercises. It’s all about getting your muscles ready and prepared, and you do this by performing warm up sets.

General rule

  1. More warm-up sets are required for heavier loads.
  2. Lighter loads require fewer warm-up sets.

Here are some I’ve used previously.

Work set 300 lbs: 5 Reps Warm-up Sets

  • 95 lbs. 8 reps
  • 135 lbs. 4 reps
  • 185 lbs. 2 reps
  • 225 lbs. 2 reps
  • 70 lbs. 1 rep

Work set 250 lbs: 8 Reps Warm-up Sets

  • 95 lbs. 8 reps
  • 135 lbs. 4 reps
  • 185 lbs. 2 reps
  • 225 lbs. 1 rep

Work set 175 lbs: 15 Reps Warm-up Sets

  • 80 lbs. 8 reps
  • 125 lbs. 4 reps

Increase Your Endurance

You do this because, just like when you are active with your girlfriend, you will want to last longer… but during your sets đŸ™‚ . Most ‘average’ peoples endurance is beyond disappointing to say the least. If that is you and you are interested in performing shock body exercises, then take note of the following.


It’s very easy to mess this one up when you workout. But do not mess this up for these exercises. Make sure you maintain steady, deep breathing throughout the entire routine.

Increase your cardio

How much you do is down to your own personal goals that you have set. If you haven’t set any goals, just give my guest post on a read for some guidance.

Learn to pace yourself

You will probably get the pacing wrong the first time around, but once you get into the rhythm, learn to keep that pace. Just know when it’s time to ante up.

Drink water

I recommend keeping a bottle nearby when working out like this. Walking to and from the water fountain in the gym is energy consuming. It might just be a few steps away, but that small journey some how manages to screw up the workout flow.

There maybe some more shock body preparation for you tomorrow, but there’s only one way to find out… be here! đŸ™‚

See you in the comments.

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